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  1. Hello, is he not a bit too young for the peacetime award RAO4? In my opion the most posible combination is: medal of the RAO and AEZ Best wishes Karsten
  2. Hello George You must be a member of that Fourm, as I said. Here is the link to register for it: http://h1797427.stratoserver.net/public_html/wbb3/index.php?page=Register71987c56&l=2&l=4&l=2 Then you can download the data sheet. Best wishes Karsten
  3. Hello George, normally are my references the "Deutsche Kolonialblatt" which is very useful for researching colonial veterans. But in your case (navy) I´m using the following data sheet, which you can download here: http://h1797427.stratoserver.net/public_html/wbb3/board3-3/board5-deutsche-orden-ehrenzeichen-auszeichnungen-bis-1918/7644-verleihungslisten/ A competent user allocate this nice data sheet. But you must be a member of that forum to download it. http://h1797427.stratoserver.net/public_html/wbb3/index.php?page=Register You won´t regret it. Best wishes Karsten
  4. Hello, I found a "Gefreiter" Pschorr who received the "Militärehrenzeichen" 2nd class in 1906. He received his prussian war decoration for his actions during the madji-madji-rebellion in German-Eastafrica (1905-1907). There he was a member of "DOA,Mar.Inf.Det.d.Ostafrik.Stat.". But I couldn´t find any more war decorations for him. Best wishes Karsten
  5. Hello, after a long time I will post a photo of Vzfw. Karl Tost. Thanks for posting your photos. Hope to see some more nice pictures. Best wishes Karsten
  6. Thanks for posting that nice picture. Here another nice pic of a member of the 3rd Seebataillon. Seems to be a member of the Marine-Feldbatterie. I found some informations to your guy August Bause. During WW1 he fought in German-Eastafrica. His rank was Sanitäts-Vizefeldwebel and he came aboriginal from Alfeld/ Hannover. Since 19th July 1916 he was a prisoner of war and came to the following british camps: Nairobi (1916) Daressalam (1918) August Bause was a member of the kaiserlichen Schutztruppe since 1910 (started as a Sanitätsunteroffizier) Best wishes Karsten
  7. Hello, from another collector I received the message that he was a "Oberschreibersmaat" or a "Obersanitätsmaat". So it can not be Hochstein. Hochstein didn´t also served on the battleship SMS Friedrich Carl but it is interesting to see that a lot of Habicht-veterans took also part on the boxer-rebellions in China. Best wishes Karsten
  8. Hello Albert, here is my newest arrival. An unknown Habicht-Veteran. He´s also a china-veteran like yours. It is interesting to see that a lot of Habicht-veterans served also in china during the boxer-rebellion. Best wishes Karsten
  9. It was for sure against the norms of wearing decorations on the medal bar but some soldiers ignorate that norms. Furthermore is the third decoration not similar to the colonial- or Southwestafrica-medal. For the Southwestafrica-medal the stripes are too long. Here some examples of my collection. Hope you see the differences. At first an example for the Colonial-medal Best wishes Karsten
  10. Hello Odulf, very nice pic but I think that he´s wearing: Iron Cross 2nd, FEK, something austrian, and WH-DA The colonial badge indicates him as a colonialfighter during WW1 Best wishes Karsten
  11. I hope to see some more colonial photos or did I win all colonial photo auctions Here another pic of Hptm Paul Walter Sievert He received the prussian and saxon decorations for his actions in German-Southwestafrica Best wishes Karsten
  12. Here another one. It is Sanitätssergeant Woltmann who was also a china-veteran Best wishes
  13. Hello, at first thanks for posting those close-ups. The Vzfw. of our user Ulsterman seems to wear: MEZII; silb. württ. MVM and perhaps two "colonial-medals" (probably china- and southwest- medal or colonial- and southwest-medal) with battle clasps The veteran with his big medal bar of our user Thomas W is unfortunately not to identify. The first decoration can only be the MEZ or the Iron Cross 2nd class and the other decorations are unfortunately so unclear. The thrid or fourth ribbon could be a colonial medal but which one?? I can only recognize three battle clasps, sorr
  14. Hello, at first thanks for posting those nice pictures. I like especially the first one of Ulsterman. Could we see a close-up of that interesting medal bar? It seems that he also received the württembergische silberne Militärverdienstmedaille, which is rare to see on medal bars. The last picture of Thomas W is also interesting. Can you identify the decorations on the big medal bar? Here is the next one of my collection: Sergeant Carl Mohr with the following decorations MEZ II Braunschweig: Verdienstkreuz 2nd class with swords German-Southwestafrica-medal with two battle
  15. and a photo of Hptm Clausnitzer. He took part on the Boxer-rebelion and later on the Herero-rebelion. For his action in German-Southwestafrica (1904-08) received Clausnitzer the Crown-order 4th class with swords. Hope to see some other nice colonial photos Best wishes Karsten
  16. Hello, I would like to know if here are some photo-collectors of colonial-soldiers or -veterans. I would be very thankful if someone would post his colonial treasuries. I will start with Sergeant Albin Keßler. He received his MEZ II for his actions against the Hottentotten
  17. Hello, no it´s not the same man! I have the same picture in my collection and this guy received his MEZ II for his service in German-Southwestafrica. Here is a closeup of his medalbar and you will see the differences. By the way Jens is correct. Your guy is a member of the Seebataillon. Can you read the battle clasp? There are only the following few posibilities: Kaumi, Nan-Hung-Men, Liang-Hsiang-Hsien and Tientsin Best wishes Karsten
  18. Sorry for that misunderstanding. But your guy received his MEZII for his service in China and he is wearing the china-medal. I meant only that the combination MEZ II + China-medal rarer is than MEZ II and Southwestafrica-medal. Best wishes Karsten
  19. Very nice picture. Congratulate! But it is a "Militärehrenzeichen" 2nd class and not an "Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen"! Such portraits are rarer to find than those with the combination "MEZ II" and the German-Southwest-africa medal. Best wishes Karsten
  20. Thanks for the pic but it would be dificult to find him because it doesn´t exist any photo of the whole SMS Habicht-crew (during the Herero-rebelion). So we need time and luck Best wishes Karsten
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