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  1. Hello, I´m not sure about Gaedt! For sure it could be him but there is also another possibility! Marine-Oberstabsingenieur Haböck had the same combination! And Haböck was also in China (SMS Brandenburg)! Here Haböcks awards: 1901 Chinadenkmünze für Kämpfer 1903 Pr. Dienstauszeichnungskreuz XXV 1907 Pr. Kronen-O. 4. Kl. 1908 Jap. O.d.Hlg. Schatzes, 4. Klasse 1909 Pr. RAO 4. Kl. 1914 he received also Pr. Kronen-O. 3. Kl.! But the photo is dated with 1911, so there are in my opinion 2 possibilities. Nice pic Heiko Best wishes Karsten
  2. Nice nice And here we have a photo of a bravery man with nearly the same combination. His name was Feldwebel Hahn! Took also part on some rebellions in German-Southwestafrica 1903-08 Mounted on the bar (all pre-1914-awards!!!): Friedrich-August-Medaille in silver for GSWA(!) Militärehrenzeichen II. for GSWA Kolonialdenkm. perhaps for his action during the Bondelzwart-rebellion 1903/04 Deutsch-Südwestafrika-Denkm. with 5 (?) battle claps and the saxon DA for 15 years in the buttonhole his WW1-awards EK II SAEZX Sachsen-Meinigen War merit medal Seems to be a gre
  3. Then I have to be patient Perhaps one day we will get some informations or the whole story of his mysterious life. Thanks a lot and Best wishes Karsten
  4. Thanks a lot. But is there really no chance to research him? What about Straßburger who served in "Pionier-Bataillon Nr. 17"?? Could it be him? Best wishes Karsten
  5. I will present you again the photo of Oblt. dR Otto Straßburger because in the old thread you couldn´t enlarge the photos to his whole size. Hope now that the photos will function here. Best wishes Karsten
  6. "...I wouldn't think a World War silver FAM could have been possible for him-- he's an "Oberleutnant" level in that photo, and must have had the same Polizei/army rank. If he'd even been one of the Feldwebelleutnant sorts of ranks, even briefly, that would have got him the Albert Cross X or the Saxon General Decoration Cross X...." You´re absolutely right and I´m feeling embarrassed now:speechless: "...I'm sorry, but I can't find him in my rolls. He received his MVK 2. class after May 1917..." Very sad! Because the photo was written and sent on the 30.May 1917 but the picture must be
  7. I have deleted the old pictures and added some new but they still have a size of zero Have to take a look if I can find an Otto Straßburger, who got the sFAM for SWA. Unfortunately is the "DKB" not completly I couldn´t find any recipient of the sFAM with the name Straßburger. Could it not be a wartime decoration for the WW1??? Best wishes Karsten
  8. Hello Rick, yes there is something written on the backside and by that there are some more informations. Lt.dR Otto Straßburger was a "Feldpolizei-Kommissar" in Lowitsch (Lowicz) during the war. Bernd gave me the information that he was a member of the "Pionier-Bataillon Nr. 17". I added also a detail screen of his shoulderboard. Hoping you can cognize something. Are you sure that he received the saxon FAM for SWA but where is then the MEZ II??? I always thought that the saxon FAM is on the peacetime ribbon, which he received prior to the war. Best wishes Karsten
  9. I have also something to add Lt.d.R. Otto Straßburger Look at the battleclaps on the ribbon of the china-medal!!! Taku Peking (!!!!) Nan-hung-men Could it be the Friedrich August Medaile on the sixth position?? It looks like the peacetime ribbon. Best wishes Karsten
  10. A bit too late but I think it is also of interest to see a pic of Dincklage-Campe. Unfortunately without the GSWA-medal (steel). But also without the prussian 1866-cross. Best wishes Karsten
  11. And Josef Schwarz I would be very thankful to get some informations of him. Best wishes Karsten
  12. to post 25 and 26 in my opinion the China- and GSWA-medal are steel versions. Some more examples First one Generalmajor Max Moritz Rudolf Kade
  13. Hello Sascha, I read something like Baumstark. The first letter of his lastname is for sure a "B". Best wishes Karsten
  14. What about Dr. Heim? I think he could match! He is the only one who was in China (as Assistenzarzt) and in German Southwestafrica (as Oberarzt) and received both decorations (the prussian KO4X and the bay. MVO4X) in 1906!! All the best Karsten
  15. At first nice pic! Gongratulation Heiko I?m not sure about the last medal but I don?t think so that it is a china-medal or "something colonial"! The ribbon could match but I don?t like the medal itself! I?m missing the drop shaped ending of the medal, which is typical for the "colonial-medals". I will agree with Rick Research and say that it is the bavarian bravery medal (medal and ribbon match). But only one bavarian decoration and a lot of prussians?? What about the first and second crosses/decorations of the bar? One of them is the prussian Military Merit Cross but which one? I can not
  16. Hello Roman, thanks a lot! I had only this information, which I received from Daniel Gaertner, Erich, Major d.L.a.D. RIR 205, Zivil Polizei-Oberstleutnant, weitere Ausz.: pour le Merite und Verwundetenabzeichen in Gold Best wishes Karsten
  17. and this one Oberst Oskar Knopf (Thanks to Daniel for identification him) Best wishes Karsten
  18. I can only add some pictures. For example this one. A Sergeant of the "Schutztruppe" after the campaign against the Hereros and Hottentotten. On the bar: Milit?rehrenzeichen II silberne Verdienstmedaille mit Schwertern des S?chs.-Ernestinischen Hausordens (Coburg-Gotha) Deutsch-S?dwestafrika- Denkm?nze mit 5 Gefechtsspangen A nice pic. but still without a name :unsure:
  19. @Roman Slivin Yes it is Erich G?rtner. Do you have some more informations of him @Rick Research Wow in the 70s I wasn?t still born One of the certificates of Oberstleutnant Martin Julius Gerhard Kadelbach All the best Karsten
  20. @Rick Research For sure! Wasn?t it Generalmajor Maximilian Graf von Yorck von Wartenburg who asphyxiated by a malfunctioning coal heater? Count Waldersee died 1904 in Hannover. Best wishes Karsten
  21. :speechless: Sorry! It is Max Radermacher. Commander of RIR 116 Pic of the backside Best wishes Karsten
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