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  1. My great grandfather served uk and Ireland only in the army and did not receive any medals as you had to serve outside your country of origin to qualify for a medal the Royal Marines were governed by the Navy and they awarded the British war medal for home (uk) service.
  2. Records won't be on ancestry as ww2. price is approx £100 so a good price medals are mounted wrong as they are overlapping the wrong way.
  3. Order st john british war medal 1911 coronation medal St. John reverse st John ls medal with date bars royal naval auxiliary sick berth attendant ls medal with extra ls bar the navy issued single bwm only and the rnasba recruited direct from Sjab a fantastic group if you write to St. John hq they may have records his is rn record should be at the national archives james
  4. Hi there is no J Gubbins on the roll. There is a William Gubbins warrant number 73501 who joined 12/3/88 retired 17/6/08 who served H division and got the 1897 and 1902 medal. regards James
  5. Trying to reunite PC G Harvey with his 1897 and 1902 Medals and PC S White with his 1897 and 1911 medal. Regards James
  6. Police medal was awarded after 22 years service, this has now been reduced to 20 years service.
  7. yes they can be worn together, and as previously stated the Nato medals are worn in date order of issue. It depends if he was a contractor with nato, if he was then he would be issued the ISAF medal, as a civilian he ca wear this medal, if still serving then it cannot be worn. regards
  8. distinguish flying cross Copy Air force cross maybe copy? 1939-45 star maybe copy or orginal? aircrew Europe star copy or original? Defence medal copy or original War medal copy or original If bomber command then it is missing the new bomber command clasp if all are copies then group is worth £100
  9. Nick, a very impressive group but the medal award certificate does not belong to it or you are missing 2 clasps possibly pacific and france and germany. The medal certificate shows 7 items were snet in the brown box, this does not include the MiD as this was awarded seperately the same as the malta cnvoy medal issued in 1995? and russian 40th issued in 1985. therefor as 5 medals are mounted the only possible 2 extra would be pacific clasp for the burma star and the france and germany clasp for the atlantic star. Kind Regards james
  10. hi i have a met police 1911 medal to PC G Harvey, i do not know any other details. can anyone help? kind regards James
  11. my wife got hers 2 weeks ago, she is a paramedic. I am still waiting for mine, I am a community first responder. There is much arguments in the ambulance service as to why us CFR's are getting it as we are volunteers whereas the full time staff who work for PTS and the control room are not getting it. As i pointed out to some we also answer to 999 calls albeit in our villages whereas the PTS crews dont. I have contacted HR and they have told me it has been sent to my ambulance officer in charge so am waiting for her to presnet it to me. It will look nice next to my Golden jubile
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