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  1. Hello, gentlemen! My recent purchase of M. Pautot - L. O. (Louis Octave) Mattei I also compared my two varieties France the Unofficial type The left one has a diameter of 36.3 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm. Suspension ball, diameter 6 mm The right one has a diameter of 36.2 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm. Suspension ball, diameter 4.7 mm There are some reverse differences Left - the inscription "BRONZE" Right - the inscription "BRONZE" is missing Yours faithfully
  2. Hi! I believe that this medal is a fantasy! But the type of metal is suitable for the time of the great war! With respect!
  3. Hello! The seller considers the medal unofficial Belgian! Your opinions! Yours faithfully
  4. Hi! Waiting for the arrival of my medal. Photos will show all! With respect.
  5. Спасибо! Я с вами полностью согласен!
  6. Hi! Compared medals, but found no differences! With respect!
  7. Good day! I ask Your advice on a medal! The original? I need Your help!
  8. Good afternoon, gentlemen! My purchase. I think this is Official Type 2 There are no inscriptions on the edge. With respect.
  9. Привет! Мое недавнее приобретение! С уважением
  10. Hello, friends! Bought this! What are your opinions? With respect!
  11. Привет! Если вы читали историю корабля, кажется, он не успеет заработать один из крепежей. С уважением
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