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  1. Hi friends! My purchase! Silver plated bronze. Diameter 36.1 mm, thickness 2.0 mm Yours faithfully!
  2. Привет! Мои медали! Неофициальный Тип 3 1) Диаметр 36,7 мм, толщина 1,7 мм. 2) Диаметр 37,3 мм, толщина 1,3 мм.
  3. Привет друзья! Мое последнее приобретение. Неофициальный Тип 1а Диаметр 36,2 мм, толщина 2,5 мм Изготовитель - фирма "Casa Buttuller", Лиссабон
  4. Привет! «MADE IN FRANCE» появилось с 1931 года!
  5. Добрый день! Ничего удивительного! Планки производства Франции 1920-1930гг
  6. Hello! I bought an Official Type 1 medal with the reverse shifted to the right. The obverse is identical! respectfully
  7. Спасибо, Жан-Мишель! I bought a medal in France!
  8. Здравствуйте! Моя покупка Неофициальный Тип 1. Диаметр 35,7 мм, толщина 2,3 мм С уважением!
  9. Hello! Four medals of France (A. Morlon) 1 - Paris Mint 2, 3 - Janvier & Berchot 4 - no marking Respectfully!
  10. Hello! My purchase Official Type 1 (Alexandra Liseka) Diameter 35.6 mm, thickness 2.6 mm Yours faithfully Hello! The types of Czech medals that I have. Diameter 36 mm, thickness 3.1 mm. Diameter 36 mm, thickness 2.7 mm. Diameter 35.6 mm, thickness 2.6 mm Diameter 36 mm, thickness 3.7 mm. Yours faithfully
  11. Hello, gentlemen! My recent purchase of M. Pautot - L. O. (Louis Octave) Mattei I also compared my two varieties France the Unofficial type The left one has a diameter of 36.3 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm. Suspension ball, diameter 6 mm The right one has a diameter of 36.2 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm. Suspension ball, diameter 4.7 mm There are some reverse differences Left - the inscription "BRONZE" Right - the inscription "BRONZE" is missing Yours faithfully
  12. Hi! I believe that this medal is a fantasy! But the type of metal is suitable for the time of the great war! With respect!
  13. Hello! The seller considers the medal unofficial Belgian! Your opinions! Yours faithfully
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