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  1. It is definitely a Belgian society that still existed in 2000 (https://www.senate.be/www/?MIval=/publications/viewTBlokDoc&DATUM='11/07/2000'&ID=33558367&TYP=combull&LANG=nl), although no web site nor information about medals for members.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply! Don't know if there is a manufacture's mark on the top point of the star at the back, in the ball suspension? Details of the green graving on the anvers is very nice. Best regards, GM1
  3. Dear Owain, Thank you very much for your information! The chain has medals going from 1936 to 1960's, There is no evidence that confirms it as Syrian, just by design and the drawing on the star. I haven't found any other medal that seems similar, so the local (Spanish) manufacture can be the explanation why it is so different. The Syrian Order of Merit was founded in 1953, correct? (I'm not an expert) This means it couldn't be awared by the Vichy, right? Best regards, GM1
  4. Hi! I have this Syrian Order of Merit miniature in a chain of a Spanish diplomat. Any idea why the ribbon is different and the medal is missing some of the elements? Thanks in advance, Best regards, GM1
  5. Hi Guy, I suppose that one is the European Community Monitoring Medal (This medal was awarded for 21 days service between July 27th 1991 and June 30th 1993 in and around the Former Yugoslavia, http://www.servicecomm.co.uk/catalogue.php?product=609&productID=european-community-monitoring-mission-medal), while the other one is the mentioned ICFY medal. Both have the same ribbon and appearance. Best regards, GM1
  6. Here are some interesting papers on a Belgian soldier that died in Corea. There is a letter from the Corps Commander to the parents (with picture), a diploma awarding posthumous the Commemorative Medal for Foreign Theatres with Coree-Korea bar, a diploma awarding the War Volunteer Medal and a diploma awarding posthumous the Knight Cross of the Leopold II Order with Palm, the War Cross 1940 with Palm and the Medal for War Volunteer-Fighter. Best regards, GM1
  7. Ch. fr. means Chevrons de Front, the frontlines earned by the soldiers during the war. (first frontline after 1 year service, then 1 per six months). Maximum of frontlines is 8. Best regards, GM1
  8. ​ Just in case someone offers you this medal, it has been stolen from my collection during post handling in France. Thank you for your co-operation. GM1
  9. You're right Bill, it seems like the same suspension... although with a better finishing. I recall having seen such a suspension some years ago, but I can't remember the webpage... Thanks a lot! GM1
  10. A new belgian Victory medal in my collection. There is NO Paul Dubois marking and look to the special suspension... Any idea which variant it could be? Best regards, GM1
  11. Excellent! I'm looking forward to buy it! Congratulations GM1
  12. Indeed, additional inscription is: "Edouard Dierickx - 16/12/69 A.M.R. - RECONNAISSANCE" Any idea what A.M.R. could mean? Thanks GM1
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