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  1. I have no idea either on types I was just guessing because it doesn't have a round ring to attach it to the ribbon, so I thought initially it was type 2 after the example. I'll try to search some more on the order but not a lot is poping up on the internet. It is very interesting to see that the medal itself has survived this long but the box too, its in bad shape but it looks much better than some other more recent boxes Thank you all for the tips and suggestions
  2. Thank you Iver,I think its a Type 2, it doesn't have a circular suspension, I'll post some updated pictures a bit later
  3. Thank you so much Tifes I've sent you a pm with the links, not sure if I am allowed to post them in the forum, but the dogs or fox head definatley looks to be either 14k or 18k gold I forgot to post one of the hallmarks on the needle: Looks like an H on it and a N?
  4. Thanks Radmilo for the kind comments I'm sure you'll receive something like this in the future from family, most years I don't get anything this cool either, but this year is rather special
  5. Thank you both it could be serbian or montenegro but It also doesn't look like standard skrip for a "Serbian" style medal, I'll have to post the skip on the reverse, its very interesting plus I beleive the ruler on the front is a Montenegran leader? Thank you all for the comments For the Hallmark, do you beleive it might be later part of the 1890s?
  6. I ended up fliping the ring picture and adding a back shot of the eagle: As you can see it looks like a "V.M" on the ring shot once you end up fliping it.the M is very faint but it looks like it is there. and the reverse of the Eagle, I took it off the chain so I could take these shots
  7. I just received this (along with 2 more medals) from my Aunt and Uncle as a birthday present (although my birthday is 2 weeks from today ) Any help to determine, the date, what it is etc is greatly appreciated It came in what appears to be the original case, it is marked VM and appears to be a silver marking (VM for V. Mayer, from Vienna?) I beleive it is a Montenegro Medal, but what for? The case interior: Edit: I forgot to take a picture of the back of the medal I will have to do this tomorrow! And the hallmark, appears to be a 2 and a ladies head and VM (for V. Mayer of Vienna?) Thanks all for any help
  8. I received this in a package with two other medals from my Uncle and Aunt for my birthday (which is in 2 weeks ) but I'd like to know a bit more about it, since I recal a similar Order of the Iron Crown being worn by one of my relatives in the old pictures we had at our home when I was younger. (they got stolen during the war in Croatia/Yugoslavia) I think it is a Mini, but it is a bit larger than most other minis out there, any help is greatly appreciated, it appears to be gold via the hallmarks, but can gold tarnish? ie I know gold itself can't but is it possible for 18k (which this appears to be) to be able to tarnish like this? Does anyone know its possible date? Here are the pictures: The lid: Inside: Close up of the Eagle, such beautiful detail if you look in the top right center section of the "wheel" you can see some "tarnish" on the star Here are the 2 hallmarks on the center section of the "star", a bit of the star is tarnished, it is on a piece attaching the star and the chain together I couldn't find what the F-S means and the A Dog 4, which in Austrian Designations is Vienna (Wien) which matches up with the case info., the dog is representing gold and 4 is 18k? On the "Ring" that attaches the eagle together to the chain, it looks like V and something else to me, as well as a object on the right side, right next to the V or A in this picture is a star on the right, it isn't very visible in this shot but you can faitnly make it out EDIT: When you flip the ring picture around to the other side, it appears to be VM, I'll try to post another picture later. here is a close up of the object and to the right of it: and a clearly marked V M on the "needle" Any help is greatly appreciated, is it gold, plate, date, class 3rd, 4th? anything that you can lend a hand with I would be very grateful, or just drop a comment Regards, Igor
  9. I usually don't receive a lot of gifts from relatives near my birthday (because they usually end up forgetting my birthday! except my mum and dad) but this year was an exception, oddly enough I received this in the mail today (my birthday isn't for 2 weeks), it was adressed to me and came with 2 other medals (a Montenegro Medal I'll post in the Montenegro section, and a Austrian Minitarue which I'll post in the Austro Hungarian section) it was from my Uncle and Aunt living in Toronto Here are the pictures of the "Kara George" Mini It is a "perfect" example by my eyes, I can't find a scratch or ding As you can see its a "2 part", it is all the more amazing because the piece itself is no larger than a small coin ( The Cross itself is just above the size of a penny) and yet the detail is superb You can even make out the writing on it a bit. Hope you guys enjoyed it a lot I'm still getting over the shock it is probobly the most beautiful pin ever ! Regards, Igor
  10. This is pretty sad, we always have some "battle" going on in Serbia that we ourselves never started :S lol
  11. I've looked over both medals and neither are numbered or imprinted with the recipient's name, I've read in a couple places that they usually came out like this from WW2 onward so it would be standard for the period? You eiher got it serialed and/orimprinted or not. For the Philipine Bronze Stars I found this while researching: " Bronze Stars: Individuals eligible under any two of the qualifying provisions listed above are authorized to wear one bronze star on the ribbon. Personnel eligible under all three provisions may wear two bronze stars on the ribbon. " There is a site which lists the regulation of the two bronze stars to the philipine liberation medal. Once I re-find it I'll post here I beleive it was because they took part in more than 1 campaign in the Phillipines. This is a better explanation from another forum on medals: Taken from the US army rules section: " Briefly, there were four separate eligibility conditions for this ribbon. Satisfying any one of the four yielded the basic ribbon. After that: "…An individual who meets more than one of the conditions set forth [by this regulation] is authorized to wear a bronze service star on the ribbon for each additional condition….other than that under which he or she is eligible for the initial award of the ribbon." So, theoretically, three stars would be the maximum allowed on the Philippine Liberation ribbon. You didn't ask about stars on the Philippine Defense Ribbon the answer is that one is authorized. There were two eligibility conditions for this ribbon and anyone who satisfied both would be entitled to wear the star. As for the Philippine Independence Ribbon, no service stars are authorized. "
  12. OMG amazing! this is a dream award Paul, you have obviously never had to pull people's teath, its like a battle to get it out of them hehehehe
  13. I'll try to take a look tomorrow in more detail, but maybe a mis-match of parts to form one award?
  14. Thank you so much Its very interesting and I will most likley try the archival research further I'm really curious about his record It seems from the bio. and the dates in his record that and Purple heart was most likley earned on Okinawa? The Bronze star lists March 1945 so that could be something in between those dates?
  15. Thank you so much to you and your wife Paul I've sent an pm with more info.
  16. Thank you Paul From the dates on the service record it seems like the Bronze Star could be awarded for Iwo? Since on the Citation it says March 13 to 26th 1945? although on the Service record it seems to list it as May 4th 1945 (or lists something I'm not sure it its the Good Conduct or the Bronze star for that date) The Purple Heart on the service record seems like it is listed as 4th June 1945. I'll try to find someone who can do Archival research and see if it pops up with anything
  17. This was after his first tour, a recal to active duty (the previous discharge was for his final) Citation for Bronze Star: Promotion: This was at the back of one of the papers (I beleive the Honorable discharge) Top and bottom Is there any way to accuratley determine what and where the Purple Heart was awarded for? It seems in this final document that it was awarded for action in 45? Can anyone shed any light It is also listed that he was wounder in May of 45 in Okinawa, could this Purple Heart be for that action? I'll try ordering archival research one of these days but I'd like to decipher (with your help) the documents first There was one more document that I won't post at the current moment, it was a letter from Sgt. Stephens to a colleauge of his that served with him on Atau, it describes the battle and injuries he sustained, I can post it in a pm to someone (it has some adresses and such that I would rather not post in the open) I'll try to take a picture and then cover the stuff that could seem sensitive, but it really demonstrates the horrors of war. What do you all think about the set and the medals, do they seem period? He was an amazing individual who served in some of histories major conflicts (from the list in the documents) and I'd like to preserve this for history sake Regards, Igor
  18. They arrived today Hope you guys enjoy The first page is a script writen in German, what do you guys think a collector that had this researched? The back of the bronze star and purple heart: i'll start from the last documents and go up: Hi seperation record There was also a page on the reverse (that I forgot to photo but its more his personal info. before the war. Certificate of Service: Honorable Discharge: Honorable Discharge:
  19. I've received it today Here are the pictures I like her a lot What do you all think ?
  20. I got it, I'm 99% sure its the Order of National Security Merit 4th class for the one we couldn't find a 67s issue, Check this site it has all the versions of most awards : http://www.medals.org.uk/south-korea/south-korea016.htm
  21. I got it, I'm 99% sure its the Order of National Security Merit 4th class for the one we couldn't find a 67s issue, Check this site it has all the versions of most awards : http://www.medals.org.uk/south-korea/south-korea016.htm sorry I couldnt post before I lost the link to it
  22. Give me a day or two, I'll be able to find it I'm 90% sure its Korean it has the same type as other Korean medals. Is it possible to zoom in on that medal? so I can see the writing on top of the clasp
  23. I beleive its a real story There are a lot of things veterans sometimes go over the top and exagerate, there are a lot of things collectors add to a tale but behind it all is some sort of history that everyone is trying to find. The story you told doesn't seem that un-beleivable to be true, and honestly I've seen rarer military finds that make you wonder, one of my friends has 2 Russian orders (red stars) to two brothers that he picked up randomely n different parts of the country while he was traveling, he researched them later and found out they belonged to the same family (born in same village etc)
  24. I didn't zoom in the pic so I couldn't see she had swords hehe
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