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    Cold War history, with particular emphasis on Soviet Union and East Germany.
  1. My own schematic of the projectile.
  2. The projectile....[i very CAREFULLY pried off the lid.]
  3. Many Thanks, GRA. Unfortunately I have no Kalashnikov rifle.....however, I do have the flares.... The first picture is the can that the flares came in. The second picture is of a flare..
  4. Hi Gordon, you are correct. BWS was 1817..... I was typing from memory and didn't look at my files....... I should have entered 1817. Oh well, I can't remember all of the Betriebsnummern.
  5. I think I know that seller. He is really helpful and friendly. BTW: Parachutes in the DDR were manufactured by VEB Bekleidungswerke Seifhennersdorf, [also known as BWS or "Bewes"]. Military Betriebsnummer 1816. An Entry from Wer liefert was? (34 Ausgabe [1971])
  6. This is the instruction leaflet that came with some Czechoslovakian 40-mm parachute/rocket-signal flares that I purchased. Can anyone translate them? Especially number 6. Thanks in advance for any possible help, Jon.
  7. Thanks Uwe. I just won an ebay aucton for the 1980 auflage, and was just curious about what the book's layout was like. Again, Thanks. Jon.
  8. Here is a link to the Berlin Wasserschutzpolizei. Wasserschutzpolizei How about the internal markings?????
  9. 1978-U 1982-I (however it can look like a "J")
  10. Thanks, Uwe. Could you post a picture of a (random) page within the book?
  11. Lucky you!!!!!! I have found some papers and documents before in books but nothing as cool as what you just found!!!!!!
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