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  1. Hi all - some new additions. A single tab for a Beamte auf Kriegsdauer, Major equivalent (I am after a pair of these, if anyone has any leads please let me know!) Second is a set of boards in cellophane for what appears to be an ingenieurkorps Generalingenieur. The weave of the cords is a little loose, but this is not unusual. The backing on these is an interesting colour, more carmine than pink, but it matches some of the other tabs that I have. I have found that general officer insignia in this branch seems to have varied in colour more so than the other officer ranks.
  2. Some great documents, thanks for posting them - let me know if you'd ever consider parting with them, it would be lovely to reunite them with the tunic. Thanks again! BC
  3. Though I mostly focus on Luftwaffe engineers these days, I haven't been able to resist a couple of visor purchases of late.... Keep the pioneer stuff coming! Cheers, BC
  4. Hi everyone – here is another addition – a white summer tunic for a Luftwaffe Stabsingenieur. This one is made from a soft ribbed silk-like material. It is very soft, and very light weight. The insignia is all removable, including the collar tabs, which are held on by snaps (the tabs fit the snaps perfectly, and the snaps are not sewn through both layers of the collar, which gives me confidence that they have been with the tunic for a very long time). It is not named. This is only the second summer tunic for this branch that I have seen. Thanks! BC
  5. Hi all - I managed to twist MH's arm to part with his Fliegerbluse Thanks MH! Glad to have added it to my ingenieurkorps collection. Here are some extra pics. Cheers, BC
  6. Hi all - some more recent pick ups. Firstly, this tunic for a fliegeroberingenieur. Unfortunately it is not named, but everything shows consistent wear and it looks like the insignia has been there forever. It is of a rather small size. Next up is a pair of breeches for a generalingenieur. You can see that the colour is ingenieurkorps and not General Staff. Lastly is this tab, for an NCO, essentially an engineering officer cadet. Unfortunately it is only the one and not a pair. Cheers, Brad
  7. Hi all - a comment over in the Luftwaffe Ingenieurkorps thread (see here) led me to raise a topic on Heer Pioneer / Engineer uniform items. To kick this one off, here are a number of uniform items that I own (or used to own) before I turned my focus to Luftwaffe Engineers: Feel free to post your own Heer Pioneer / Engineer items! Cheers, Brad C
  8. Some beautiful tunics MH - just sent you a message Thanks Ostprussenmann for your kind words on my tunic. Unfortunately the name tag was removed so I can’t research the history. A wound badge would make sense, I agree. A pilots badge is also a possibility. Before I collected Luftwaffe ingenieurkorps I collected Heer pioneer uniforms. I still have a few tunics and visors which I could post in another thread if there isn’t one already? cheers, Brad
  9. And another acquisition - a tunic for a flieger-hauptingenieur. Slowly working my way towards a tunic of each of the standard ranks - it's a lofty ambition, but technically I am half way...! Cheers, Brad C
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