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  1. Really spectacular...any details on awardees living? Also, have you ever seen a Type 1 star? Tony
  2. Criteria was recently updated to include non wound/bleeding injuries to the head. Under the new rules of the Army, soldiers suffering traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions, during roadside bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan are now eligible to be awarded the Purple Heart.
  3. I agree, good deal at 16 bucks. Ring suspension is more valued IF you are a variation collector, if not then it's a matter of just having an example in your collection. 75 seems too high for a ring suspension. They are more scarce that the knob suspension but are not impossible to find. It comes down to what you are willing to pay for the variation. I would not pay more than 35 or 40 for one at the very high end so i think yo got a good deal. My $.02 Tony
  4. I have one unmarked with rivets and a separate central medallion...am interested in any thoughts from the group. Many thanks Tony
  5. Judging by the pad in the case and the crimp brooch LI-GI marked, I would say the Navy Cross is 70s at least , if not 1980s. I cant tell the SS without the reverse, but I would guess the same. Tony
  6. I'm sure there are more but this one jumps out because of the low winning bid with respect to the order
  7. Perfectly stated. The one thing I can't explain to non collectors about this hobby is the experience you describe that you can only get from the personal interaction and sharing with friends. I had the same type experience with my dear friend Allan Henderson at the SOS. He brought some items to the show just so I could see and handle them in person....and it was amazing, like you said, ain't nothing like the real thing baby. Thanks so much for sharing and reminding us the importance of the hobby beyond the pieces we collect. Tony
  8. Lorenzo, Do you recall the name of the medallion? I have the same one in silver with similar mounting stand. Just don't recall the commemoration. Tony
  9. A few more... http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2010/post-1625-126455777918.jpeghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2010/post-1625-126455780373.jpg
  10. Two fingers of Jack and one cube

  11. One of my favorites. My Victorian is missing the top bar which is a shame, but a beautiful piece. I am jazzed to see yours with the top suspension bar in tact. Bravo Tony
  12. Not having any luck searching for additional photos but is the unidentified GC Star the Royal Victorian Order? I can't find anything identifying him as receiving it, did find reference to Tower and Sword, but that is not what he is wearing. Judging by the star portion and the white of the actual cross, as well as the time period, just a stab.... Tony
  13. OUTSTANDING!!!! And as with all, their actions in their eyes were not above and beyond...their humility is numbing.
  14. I am in complete awe of the scope and breadth of your collection. I think I would be happy to be the house cleaner just to be in the same rooms with all this history, truly breathtaking....THIS is what we aspire to as keepers of history....many thanks for what you do and have done. Tony
  15. Hey Lorenzo, This one looks like one of the fire damaged ones I sold for about 5 bucks, along with some others from the fire damaged lot. Where did you find this? Tony
  16. Sal

    Spain - My Spanish ODM

    That's beautiful Hugh. What r you using to attach the breast stars and the GC sash? I have some I would love to display and hang like this. Nice presentation...... Tony
  17. Hey Lorenzo Yes I got it at Liberty. Go see our friend at the bazaar, with all the rugs and carpets. I got it from him. I know he had others, not this exact one, but he has others there. T
  18. Many thanks Joe. I appreciate you taking the time and your insight. T
  19. Greetings all, Interested in your thoughts about scarcity (if any) and ballpark valuation of this EK1. Pictures speak to the condition, marked below the catch WS and based on my observations would be a type I with the mark below the catch and not in a box (please correct me if I am off base). I apreciate your input in advance. Tony
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