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  1. Thank you. No trace of any medal he would have earned... The only guy with medals is probably his father or father in law...
  2. Probably not of a great interest to the most but definitely rare; the ID to a Belgian NCO and his wife, working as a instructor/ technical expert, for the new army in the independent Congo of the seventies. No uniforms or badges, but a lot of paperwork and pic's. Anyway glad to ad to my "(Belgian!)Congo" theme. Here is a small selection of the house clearing. With a message from the prime minister.... A 1978 dated restaurant ticket... And my guess is that thes Belgian para's where there as wel in 1978, during the riots.
  3. Nice medal! Love that Russian imperial stuff!
  4. Not military to me. Judging by the construction. But never the less a nice badge. Definitely hunting related. Here is my (French and Belgian, 19th century )collection hunting association buttons; A bore's head is commonly used by those associations.
  5. You may find even in better condition. ...and worse, as well...
  6. Hello, the fact the eagle doesn't have a device, means it probably was a reserve officer, and should wear a reserviste cross (with device!) on the chest, not the one we are seeing here... And the eagle ghost (marks left by the eagle sitting on the helmet for over 100 years is called that way) doesn't seem to match... Definitely more pics are needed to check this helmet. In daylight, inside of the helmet and rear view of the eagle.
  7. They were yesterday, at 600 euro, I think it was! Accepting PP and located in Europe. Leave me your email address in private and I will put you in touch with the seller (asap, because I will be out for greatest part of the day!).
  8. Hello, not quiet similar, but these GDC straps are for sale on WAF; http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=998196
  9. Hello, the guy's found a old description (no pic!) regarding a armband with OR on it but the colors do not match. This one would be green yellow and red and was given to a winner of a fencing contest, between two wars.
  10. I asked on a other French forum, I knew there was a guy collecting this type of armbands. His wife replied so far, because he wasn't home. She thinks also it would be for civilian use, but waiting for confirmation by here husband.
  11. Finally got two answers. One to say "hello", and; salut je ne sais pas non plus mais j en ai un quasi identique dans la fabrication pour le trésor publique entre guerre et avant peut etre.... je pense donc que ce brassard est pour civils mais pour quel usage? on vois pas l arrière mais je pense qu il est doublé la fabrication est soignée. meaning: I don't know either, but I got one almost similar , probably made for civilian use between two wars, or maybe even before then... My guess is civilian. .....
  12. Possible... still no answer from the French forum....
  13. Hello, 37 views, and no response....
  14. I 'll ask the French colleagues.
  15. Very nice! I used to collect anything related to nobility and had a few of those nobility letters, mainly Belgian... Your is very interesting, congrats.
  16. For what I have seen; I would say no good. But I am no expert...
  17. Due to the moving and all what goes with it, I didn't managed to spend much attention to my button collection, for a few years. Still a lot of things to do over here, but lets say we are settled for the best. Weather being bad over here for the last weeks, I managed to restart doing my buttons. The collection is stored in old printing furniture (second pic), with 12 draws each, witch I adapted in order to present greatest part of my buttons. I am no there yet, but quiet good to show you how it stands. The two rows on the left are my international buttons, holding military and civilian buttons from the whole world. Except for the British and French witch can be seen in the two central rows. And the Belgian witch are showed in the last two rows on the right. My British military buttons are numbered according to numbers used by H Ripley used in his book (pic 3). I posted it here because of the mix of nationality's, and the mix of civilian and military buttons.
  18. the pub! 😄 Sorry couldn't resist. And indeed a interesting pic.
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