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  1. Hello, here they are. If you need better details, please ask.
  2. Hello, thanks. I do need some help, completely out of my comfort zone! I'll provide more pic's, asap.
  3. Thank you all. I'll provide the pic's you asked for, asap.
  4. Nice thread! Here is my mini, I just got in. Found in a house clearing. Imperial Russian stuff is hard to find over here.
  5. Found two more, from the same source;
  6. I got them from a local house clearing. It is quiet unusual to find imperial Russia militaria over here.... I managed to ID them all. Quiet a job when it is not your field of knowledge....
  7. Sorry, just found out it is a pioneer badge.
  8. Managed to lay hand on a small lot of imperial Russian medals and insignia. During my search I came by this post. Could the insignia I got be related to railway's ... It is about 3 cm big, so I assume it is a miniature....
  9. here are my latest. Not common to find in a Belgian house clearing...
  10. got the stuff from his sister at the local car booth sale. Apparently they father was British, they mother Flemish, and he was born in the US. The mug comes from a different car booth sale. Yes there was a lot to do over here. At the moment festivity's are going on to commemorate the liberation of greatest parts of Belgium. Where I live at the moment, it toke a few weeks more ....
  11. hello, I recently got this helmet out of the woodwork. The helmet is in poor condition, but never messed with. The plate is original to the helmet, no extra holes in the leather helmet body. Missing his cocardes and chinstrap, the neck flap came lose and the shellac layer is quiet damaged (cracked due to temperature and humidity changes). But never the less not often seen, and very pleased with it.
  12. Here is mine. Missing its ribbon... Very nice!! Here are mine, only 2. The second one on the right is hard to see due to reflection of the windows.... And more German skull's;
  13. Nice topic. Here is a Belgian sleeve insignia for artificer. Here seen on a student hat.
  14. +1, not Belgian and not military related to me! Austria is a good track.
  15. hello, thank you for your response.
  16. Thanks Paul. I was guided by guts feeling ...
  17. Here they are, thanks for your comments;
  18. Thanks for your reply. I did some research when I got the painting in , and found that link as well. But not much more. She did not only ad the feathers, but; cords, medals and buttons too.... The reason she did so must have been because was this like a art form, to here... To me just as bad...
  19. And no lesson learned in 1978... here is what I recently found at a auction house;
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