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  1. There is a London Metropolitan Archives guide on this, that you can download from their website. Zeb Here it is: https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/things-to-do/london-metropolitan-archives/visitor-information/Documents/43-records-of-city-of-london-police-officers.pdf
  2. I've never seen a testimonial signed by the Commissioner, himself... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Horwood_(police_commissioner) You usually got a certificate http://www.open.ac.uk/Arts/history-from-police-archives/PolCit/docVolCert.html (though usually signed by an Assistant Commissioner or below) The earliest example I've seen was 1902 I think, but possibly earlier, and the MPS still issue a certificate on leaving (fairly similar), that is signed by the Commissioner, personally. I've seen a few interesting Certs of Service over the past few years: I've held PC Sidney
  3. I've got the whole roll photographed on my computer. Post for lookups if required.
  4. See the attached letter from the Minister of Policing at the Home Office, of which I was sent a copy. Regards, Zeb
  5. RIP Mervyn. Always encouraged me with my collecting, of antique police material and other things. Sadly, only corresponded over the forum. Mervyn joined the Met in 1967, and served in the East End (H DIv). Retiring a few years later with a Commissioner's Commendation and, I think, another Commendation. One tends to think of the old Latin phrase, 'de mortis nil nisi bonum' ('of the dead there is nothing but good'. Zeb
  6. Thanks very much Mike! Not been able to find a good photo of one, until now! Zeb
  7. Mike, any chance of getting a better pic of the Chief Officer's cap badge at the very top, please... Cheers, Zeb
  8. If you're really interested, look at the Operation Order at the National Archives, Kew (aka. PRO)... A very interesting document. Zeb
  9. Mervyn, The Yard hasen't moved yet! Probably in the next couple years. The last I heard was they they were planning to move to the Curtis Green Building (still in construction). In case members are wondering, the recent news articles about the Crime Museum at the Museum of London, onlyc. 500 exhibits are being LENT for a temp. exhibition from October to March(?). Zeb
  10. Derek, I have seen a roll (privately done) for some of the LCCMFB coronation medals. I am not sure if one of them has 1902, but will try to check for you soon. I don't have a copy, so it may take a while... When you do complete your roll, you could ask the LFB museum to provide you with a copy of the Supts service records - I think there is only a small fee, will have to check. Looking forward to seeing your roll (and other research?) when done... Cheers, Zeb
  11. A LCC MFB silver medal came up in a DNW sale not long ago... along with a silver to the Met to a Supt in S Div DNW 25 February 2015 Lot224 Charles Dodd, Supt. S Div. £880 Lot 225 Samuel Riddle (in 1889 officer i/c Bethnal Green Fire Stn) £1000 IIRC Cheers, Zeb
  12. Get these quite often here in London! I was walking along the street in Brighton and saw a squad car go past, and it had a camera (and a cameraman) in the back filming. We only know what that could of been for.... Zeb
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