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  1. I got this today, a lucky find on eBay. 66mm/65mm lugged E/W. Andy
  2. Thank you Jeff, i always believe its best to ask first. I'll mention you when i speak to Gary. I don't know why i questioned that badge ? its the centre piece of the badge, on my first image i sent you ? Thanks again Jeff. Regards Andy
  3. Jeff is the badge ( 3rd image ) one piece ? It looks gilded too ? Would be nice to have a coloured photo of it. Its a badge to the Grenadier Guards i didn't know about Jeff, thanks for brining it to my attention. I'll have to get in touch with Gary Gibbs at the Guards Museum, see if he knows anymore about it. Can i copy these images please Jeff / Regards Andy
  4. Thanks Jeff, very interesting. The Regimental Badge is still the The Royal Garter surmounted by a Crown with the Royal Cypher in the centre, and the Grenade is still the secondary badge. It says Battalion badges and Company badges ? I believe this should be Battalion Colours and Company Colours.The 3rd image, could this be Coldstream Guards ? as it's not the coat of arms on the eight pointed star ? I'm still a firm believer that the reversed metals are for other ranks, but even this would be hard to prove. Especially to this era. The third one though to be honest i couldn't be 100%. I had chance to buy the Regency Shako badge about a year ago ( it was all agreed ) but i got shafted with it. The Military Gentleman, most definitely no gentleman ! Ex Forces too ? Thanks again Jeff Andy
  5. Very interesting Jeff, I've not got those books regarding badges. Do they say where this info has come from regarding the Royal Cypher ? The earlier shako badges are these. The other Jeff, both with the Royal Cypher. Andy
  6. I don't believe the reversed metals represents different Battalions. Or I've never heard of that before. Andy
  7. Guardsman, Lance Corporal, Lance Sergeant, Sergeant, Colour Sergeant, Company Sergeant Major, Regimental Sergeant Major. Andy
  8. The 1st Tunic is Canadian, Governors General Foot Guards i believe. Or something like that. Andy
  9. I would say £5000.00 at least. From what i have seen on the internet over the years. I do check daily for Guards items to buy. I would say if they went missing how much would that lot cost to buy nowadays. ? Outstanding collection just a shame its to the Coldstream Guards ! Andy Pat, could i be cheeky and ask that if you remove the items from the frame. Would it be possible for me to have some images of the items front and back. Andy
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