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  1. Hi Jay, This is a 1914 cross by maker KO that has been shaved and repainted by a faker. All the best, Trevor PS: Apologies for my late reply, I check this site only very rarely.
  2. Hey Jay, I just mean that the elements of the core -- the date numerals, oakleaf spray and cypher -- are rendered in specific designs used only on 1914 EK2s. The designs of all authentic 1813 EK2 cores are well known (there are only about five known 1813 cores) and are different in every aspect from the eBay piece. Also the frame is a 1914 type. 1813 EK2 frames have a different look with a higher bead count. Have a look at an original 1813 EK2 and compare to the piece on offer. Here is an original: Hope this is clear.
  3. The design of the core is a well-known 1914 one. The frame design is also well known from WWI EK2s.
  4. The maker of this cross is almost certainly AWS Berlin. No sure way to say when it was made but I'd guess in the 1920s.
  5. That piece is a complete fake -- a reworked 1914 EK2.
  6. Thank you for rescuing this thread from obscurity, and also for your nice comment. I wish I could find a photo of this particular von Alvensleben. Can anyone suggest a good resource? There are more items in this group, which came from an attic in the USA and was identified by a friend of mine (not me).
  7. I have added this ribbon bar to Konstantin von Alvensleben (1866-1943) to my collection. The awards are: Prussia: 1914 EK2 Prussia: Red Eagle 4th with swords Baden: Zähringer Löwen with swords and oakleaves Germany: Hindenburg Cross with swords Germany: China Medal Baden: Regierungsjubiläumsmedaille in bronze Chile: Medal for German Instructors Does anyone have a photo of this particular von Alvensleben? A few internet searches have not turned up anything but his more famous forebears. I would be grateful for any photos or biographical information. Thank you.
  8. I thought Frackspangen usually had the catch on the right and the hinge on the left. This one has the catch on the left like a normal bar. How can you tell that this bar was set up as a Frack? Just trying to learn as bars are not my area of specialty.
  9. Also, a Centenary Medal in first place? I too have some doubts about the bar, although the parts (ribbons, medals, bar) do look good to me.
  10. Jim, Congrats on both pieces. These have got to be among the finest looking awards of the German states.
  11. This was a decent discussion: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=734393&highlight=PLM+ribbon
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