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  1. Thanks! For a second I thought it is Hauptmann v. Holtzendorff. I did some research and look what I found in the "Indiana Tribune" dated 24 August 1906: "Blitz fuhr in die Helmspitze. Auf dem Truppenübungsplatz Altengrabow bei Halberstadt. Provinz Sachsen, wurde eine Kompagnie des 2. Magdeburgischen InfanterieRegiments von einem schweren Gewitter überrascht. Sie schwärmte, da sie sich auf freiem Felde befand, aus; der Hauptmann. v. Holtzendorff, blieb zu Pferde, Ein Blitz fuhr in die Helmspitze und tödtete ihn und das Pferd." https://newspapers.library.in.gov/cgi-bin/indiana?a=d&d=IT19060824.1.4# I don't speak German, but google translator helped. It seems that the Hauptmann was hit (in the pickelhaube) by a lighting during a training on the field, and died, together with his horse. Interesting and sad at the same time. Thanks once more. Best, Marcin
  2. Dear Fellow members! Would anyone help me reading the signature on the below scanned page? It is "von Holch..." something. Is it possible to tell anything more about a career of this person? Rest of the document is available here: http://www.imperialgermanmilitaria.com/index.php/photos/branch/infantry/97-2-garde-regiment-zu-fuss And the picture:
  3. Hi Turtle, I can send you a scan of pages related to IR 99 from Ruhmeshalle, if you want. Just send me you email to PM here. I will respond later today. Best, Marcin
  4. Agree. I guess it is the same for a "Flieger" - it may be a pilot/observer or a crew member. Best, Marcin
  5. Dear All, Does anyone know where exactly was the unit located on 1 August 1918? I know that from 15 August they were involved in battle near Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand, but what about the earlier period of August? I am asking as I have a "gedenkblatt" for a pionier (?) from that unit, dated 1 August 1918. By the way, I know that they belonged to 3 Garde Division, but were they somehow independent? Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Marcin
  6. Dear All, I just wanted to show my imperial german fliegers / staff. It is available here: http://www.imperialgermanmilitaria.com/index.php/photos/branch/air-forces/91-deutsche-fliegertruppe-1914-1918 I don't want to double post it here in forum, hope you don't mind. If anyone know anything about the pictures I showed, please tell :-) Kind regards, Marcin
  7. Bernhard - thank you very much, this is very helpful. Can anyone else try to read the rest? Cheers!
  8. Thanks, Andreas. I have found some information here: http://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/weimarer-republik/bug-stern-der-schutztruppe-bug-vergl-oek-33351.html - maybe someone will find it also useful someday. Regards, Marcin
  9. Hello, Would anyone advice what kind of awards we can see below, just above the belt? Is it Reichswehr / Freikorps? Regards and thanks! Marcin
  10. Dear Fellow Members, After I spent some time preparing to my exams, I finally have some time for my hobby. I would like to describe the below pictures on my website and would highly appreciate your help with reading the text below. I know it is much (particularly last picture!), but I am really interested what's behind the text that I can't understand. Kind regards and have a nice Sunday. Marcin
  11. Dear All, Would you please show your long service awards for non-combatants? I have not seen one ever, and would appreciate it much! Kind regards, Marcin
  12. Hi David, good luck with your website! As soon as you create your own banner, please mail me, so I will place it on my website. Regards, Marcin
  13. Great documents, Andreas. I think you and Chris, and some other members, should prepare a book about EK awards docs. That would be great to read. Regards, Marcin
  14. Please show us the pictures! I would like to have at least one Chevauleger Militarpass. Maybe some day.
  15. Hi Uwe, Thank you very much for your help. The picture is here (post #190): http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/15989-trenches-a-picture-worth-a-thousand-words/page-10 Regards, Marcin
  16. Christophe, You have great collection. Do you have any documents related to the awards above? Like citations etc. Regards, Marcin
  17. Hello, Would anyone be able to read the below? I would appreciate it much! Kind regards, Marcin
  18. I have many Militarpasses with Malaria vaccine entries. I think it was most common vaccine then.
  19. Jock, I thing it is "G", not 69. Nice items, I like the EK in the box. Regards, Marcin
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