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  1. Here are a couple of photos that I don't recognize the tunics (one is in color). The buttons are crossed swords or bayonets. Austrian and what time frame?? Thanks Mike
  2. Not sure if this is a town, but it looks like F?stenfeldbruck-the second one is Mindelheim. Darn-you guys have the eyes of a hawk!!! Mike
  3. Thanks Rick, no markings on the back at all. The leaves on the other photos I have are different. Mike
  4. Got these two photos in a group of WWI photo postcards. I have a post war police photo album and while the collar tabs are close, they are not the same. Any thoughts on who these men might have been?? Thanks in advance. Mike
  5. Was wondering if anyone knows that the symbols on these sports shirts are for. Thanks, Mike
  6. I was wondering if someone could tell me the name of the Luftwaffe soldier. I can't make it out. Thanks, Mike
  7. Here is something I have had for a while now. I find it with a 1914 bar and crown but not without one. This one is casedand wihtout them. I was wondering if they were the same or two different grades for the award. mike
  8. now that almost looks like an 80. I hate getting old and blind! LOL Mike
  9. It is on a WWII EKII..here is them mark turn around. THanks, Mike
  10. I have this EKII for sale and I can't make out the numbers. Is this a 88 or a 98? Thanks, Mike
  11. Super finds Eric! Don't have tobacco lunch box.. Very nice! If I were you. I would take a walk to buy beer more often! Mike
  12. Eric's post 7 in it's case. Eric-you have some wonderful items! Mike
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew when this dog tag was used? I was told it could be front the 1870/71 and also if possible a approx value. I hate to ask that but I have to shoot someone a price and I have no idea. Thanks, Mike
  14. Your metal bars are super! Here is my meager addition-a small three place ribbon bar-kind of interesting.. Mike
  15. Your right, I have always had a passion for veteran items. When I realized that cased Imperial medals were way above my budget, I focused on the veteran, reservist and misc related items and have only parted with doubles. I have a modest collection but the fun thing is I can still find items I don't have and not have to break the bank to get them. The documents were one of those things that just happened. Not to bore everyone, I had done some business with a fellow in Germany for a few years. Last year I was at a flea market in Germany with a friend. We stopped and started talking (they were) and my friend introduced me to his friend. Well, his friend look at me and said, you live in California? Are you Mike Dunn?? Small world.. This turned out to be a person I had done business with over the internet and he is the person I got the documents from. Ya just never know! Please post more of your veteran items, I know you wonderful collection is a sight to see. Oh--yes still growing almonds here in central California. Market is good, the strong euro is good for that end of the business as Europe is a large buyer of California almonds. Looking forward to you new scans! Mike
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