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  1. Hi Taz, the document about post-unification wearing of ddr awards is very interesting ... I wonder if anyone has ever contested this 'ordre public' in relation to wearing specific DDR orden in court at any point? Cheers, Torsten.
  2. not had that one before, but this looks like a very nice and original badge to me ... Cheers, Torsten.
  3. I know that a good number of people think these to be real, but I don't think so ... I have no proof or otherwise to back up my opinion, but gutfeeling just kind of tells me that it is a fantasy one ... Cheers, Torsten.
  4. Do you know this maker? The reverse of the badge says 9 - Schwaebisch-Gmuend on it. I know that Schwaebisch-Gmuend is a town, but what is this maker and has anyone got similar maker marks? Cheers, Torsten.
  5. in that case I guess then that there is nothing much else to tell about this cert other than what Uwe said already ... but I would think that she was probably someone's secretary there during that time . Cheers, Torsten.
  6. Ilja, that still is from the 1989 parade in Berlin video. Cheers, Torsten. Below is another still from the same video ... :rolleyes:
  7. Hi HMF, very interesting thread. Do you know if there is a pin for the OHS Ernst Thaelmann and in particular for Zittau? A few years ago we had a OHS Zittau forum going on the web, but for some reason that is gone now ... we had briefly discussed the possibility of making a pin or sticker, but nothing ever came of it ... maybe someone else has made one? Cheers, Torsten.
  8. Hi Grant, do you know any more about where she served or do you only have this one document? Cheers, Torsten.
  9. Hi Chuck, I would love to own that Jerusalem Ring ... fascinating ... Cheers, Torsten.
  10. and not surprisingly, he does collect anything with his grandfather's name on it .... well, and his own name ... guess what it is? I have sold him a couple of interesting Hans Beimler memorabilia and he always get first refusal on any new Hans Beimler items I get in ... Cheers, Torsten.
  11. the both seem to have almost comically large chins on the italian version? Cheers, Torsten.
  12. A similar design to the first badge shown in this thread was produced by the same organisation for its 1971 meeting. Cheers, Torsten.
  13. they are nice medal and you're right, they are not easy to find ... I find if there are any numbers out there on how many of these were ever awarded/issued? Cheers, Torsten.
  14. Muentzer was portrayed in the DDR as the leader of a medieval peasant revolt and so, he was used by the VdGB, as a kind of patron. The VdGB was basically the farmer's party in the DDR and this is their honour medal. Cheers, Torsten.
  15. the SA sports badge was worn on the uniform ... I guess there must have been tinnie collectors even then that could not be parted from their collections .. no matter where they went .. ;-). Cheers, Torsten.
  16. Interesting to have a history like this to go with a tinnie and interesting to hear that someone would have bothered to take a 1932 day badge with them into battle in Norway? Anyhow, could you show a pic of the reverse please? Cheers, Torsten.
  17. Hi Sivart, as far as I know these NSKOV member badges are not faked. Cheers, Torsten.
  18. I have never had an SED Parteitag set like this either ... btw, the restaurant where your Mrs Weinert was to be fed during the FDGB congress was the HO Gaststaette Fernsehturm, which is the restaurant at the foot of the TV Tower in Berlin. It is now called Olle Bolle. I had dinner in there about two weeks ago and I can highly recommend to anyone visiting East Berlin. Cheers, Torsten. PS: I had the Eisbein ....
  19. this is a very nice set. well done for finding it. Cheers, Torsten.
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