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  1. Hi Larry, I think that all KM personnel were issued with both the blue and grey uniforms,and white? Here are a couple of images that i have showing the CA award in wear on different uniforms. Earlier in this thread i have also posted images of "ship" based KM personnel wearing the field-grey uniform. Regards,Martin.
  2. I have not seen anything like it either. The "curled horn" reminds me of that seen on Victorian era Rifle Volunteer badges ? Regards,Martin.
  3. Here is an artwork print that comes from a period portfolio i have by the marine artist,Adolf Bock.The portfolio includes about 18 pieces of his marine artwork.The portfolio is titled "Kampf unter der Kriegsflagge". This print is titled "Schwere Marine-Artillerie bescheist Dover". Adolf Bock was the designer of the Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet badge.With the exception of a few unmarked examples,his name can be seen on the reverse of every Schwerin HSF badge. Regards,Martin.
  4. Hi Rick, here is a period press photo i have that shows a "Kustenbatterie". I am not sure where the photo was taken but it could be the Atlantic/Channel coast ? Regards,Martin
  5. Thanks for clarifying that Rick. My opinion was based on this illustration from R.W Bennett's book,"Badges of the Worcestershire Regiment". Anyway,nice badge Paul. Regards,Martin.
  6. Hi Paul, i cannot answer your question in regards to the box itself,but the badge looks like it was from one of the Victorian Rifle Volunteer units,although am not sure what County The 52nd RV's represented. I have a couple of badges for the Worcestershire RV's who's county precedence number was 39. I may me wrong here ? Regards,Martin.
  7. Nice badges Tom. The Fleet badge looks fine and shows a little wear,but still a nice one. The JFS looks great.I had one of these zinc Destroyer badges by JFS in mint condition.Alas,i sold it many years ago. I still remember how nicely detailed these zinc Destroyer badges were by JFS,very crisp indeed and i can see this same detail in your example. Good finds. As always,nice to see examples from your collection Hubert. Regards,Martin.
  8. Some very fine looking photo's there Larry and thanks for posting them. I really like the 1st photo with the Minesweeper badge with the Imperial EKI and Spange. Regards,Martin.
  9. Could it be that the shoulder insignia reads RFA,(Royal Field Artillery) ?? Hard to tell. Regards,Martin.
  10. Here is a photo of my grandad taken circa WWI. We can see the "gun badge" in wear above his chevrons. BTW,nice badges Rick. Regards,Martin.
  11. Another recent pick up here.This is a WWI period piece for the RFA and one i had to get as my grandfather was in the RFA at Mons in 1914. It is very similar in design to the RDF badge that Noor showed in post #24. I have seen quite a few of this type with the white enamelled background,very attractive pieces IMO. Regards,Martin.
  12. Could you post a reverse shot Robin,to compare the reverse set up ? Thanks,Martin.
  13. Another badge in brass and enamel for the Worcestershire Yeomanry (Queens Own Worcestershire Hussars).
  14. Great thread and some nice looking pieces posted here. Now that my interests are turning from Kriegsmarine to "British stuff" i have picked up a couple of these "sweetheart" pieces over the last few weeks. Here is a 1915 silver hallmarked piece for the Worcestershire Regiment made by Vaughton & Sons,Birmingham. Regards,Martin.
  15. HI larry, my references show that there were 4 Torpedobootshalbflottille. Is there any writing on the reverse of the photo that might indicate where the photo was taken ?? Regards,Martin.
  16. Thanks for the translation Nick. Pity that there are not more detailed images of the ring,side views,etc. Possibly,a private commission to a jeweler in Yokohama by a Thor crewman and maybe the same person/s who made the HK awards ?? Just speculation on my part,who knows ? Many thanks,Martin.
  17. Thanks for posting this Nick. I find it very interesting and i do notice some design similarities in the oakleaves when compared with the badges. Could you possibly translate the text on post #166 ? Much appreciated,Martin.
  18. I really like this photo. The photo shows a member of the KM with a tally that reads ??flottille 12. Thanks to the help of Markus B,he determined that it is probably a photo taken in the Winter of 1939-40 (notice the snow) and shows a group of men from the 12.U-Jagdtflottille 12. In the Spring of 1940 all individual unit designated cap tallies were for forbidden in wear,i beleive? In this photo we can see no WWII awards in wear.So,as Markus suggests the photo was possibly taken in the early months of WWII. Regards,Martin.
  19. I agree, some great looking pieces Dede. I really like the Marineflak plaque. A very fine "individual" example. Regards,Martin. . Regards,Martin.
  20. Hi Robin, i agree that i find these postwar pieces collectible also. I have a few postwar Steinhauer & Luck Hilfskreuzer awards and an L/58 marked Hilfskreuzer also. Is it correct to refer to them as "copies",or just examples of "postwar production" by these firms,especially if they are produced from original dies,and in some cases,using leftover period reverse hardware ?? Just a thought. Regards,Martin.
  21. Well,i managed to pick up a Hilfskreuzer plaque but this one was made postwar. It is dedicated to Korv-Kapt Jung who was the 1st officer on the 1st cruise of the HK Thor. One the reverse the names of Hans Baasch and Jupp Piedboef can be seen also,two former Thor crewmen. Regards,Martin.
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