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  1. Hi Chris, i have seen a couple of these awards before and they are quite fascinating. I still have no idea as to where they were made,Singapore or Japan ?? "Collani" has some great and rare items in his collection.On this forum he goes by the the name of "Monsun",and his wonderful HK awards and photo's from Japan can be seen in this thread. I do admit it would be nice to find out "who" was the maker of these Japanese HK awards,but where to start ?? Regards,Martin.
  2. No positive sources really,although it is mentioned in Gordon's book "War Badges of the Kriegmarine" that "the German Naval Attache in Tokyo,Admiral Wennecker,commissioned the manufacture of a number of specimens,reputedly from a Japanese Jeweler in Yokohama". I am also not sure if there is any link between these HK awards and the awards made for the U-Boat men? Is it possible that the U-Boat awards could have been made in Singapore ? Here is an award document i have for the Hilfskreuzer badge to a crewman from the THOR.It is signed in Yokohama by the Commander of the THOR,Gunther Gumprich. Regards,Martin.
  3. As Hakone was mentioned in an earlier post,here are a couple of photo's that i have that show THOR crewmen in front of the Hakone Hotel. Some of the crew were billeted here after the THOR was destroyed by a fire in Yokohama Harbour. Regards,Martin.
  4. The Equator ceremony seems to be a theme for me right now....just this week, one of the actual scripts from ORION's ceremony arrived too. I'll get it scanned and posted, Joe I'll look forward to seeing the ORION scripts Joe. I have tons of pictures from the STIER Equator crossing also. Anyway,here is an original of Tischer that i have taken in Balikpapan,Borneo in September 1942. The photo came with a handwritten note by Tischer, in English. Tischer is the officer second from the left.The Officer on the right with the dagger is Dr. Kurt Sudau the ships Admin. Regards,Martin.
  5. Hi Chris, to this point we have no idea who made these badges.They were commisioned by Admiral Paul Wenneker the German Naval Attache in Japan and are beleived to have been made by an "unknown" jeweler in Yokohama. The badges were made in both sterling silver and tombak. Here is a rather worn example that i have in tombak. Regards,Martin.
  6. Another great photo of Tischer Joe. Where did you find these little gems? The photo above looks like it was taken when Thor crossed the Equator ? Here is one that i have,probably taken about the same time.This is one of Tischer's postwar copies he made.It has his handwriting on the reverse that reads,"Gumprich & Equator baptism". Regards,Martin.
  7. I am soooo Jelous Joe. This is just a great photo of Kreigsberichter Heinz Tischer from the second cruise of the THOR. Like you, i have many copies of his original photo's.I have a letter from him where he describes how all of his negatives were destroyed towards the end of the war.About 200 of his original prints did survive from which he made his book,"Die Abenteuer des letzen Kapers,Hilfskreuzer Thors Reise in die Katastrophe". He did make copies from these originals,and as i mentioned i have quite a few of these reprints.I do have at least one of his original prints. What i like about this picture is that it shows his camera.It looks like one of the Leica III series that were produced in the 1930's and 1940's Just a great photo for me Joe and as you know i collect anything in regards to Tischer and the 2nd cruise of the THOR. Thanks,Martin.
  8. This is the only one i could find that comes close. "The Order of the Red Eagle for enlisted men ". Although i do admit the red stripes on the ribbon look a little wider on this one ? Regards,Martin.
  9. Simply outstanding John. I do not even collect LW awards but i can certainly appreciate looking at a badge of this quality. Great find,Martin.
  10. Thanks Luke, i think this explains Joe's theory that there was probably just one printing of the original 1944 edition and they all contained the crewlist. After the books were given to "crew and family" the pages were then "carefully" removed from the remaining books that were intended for general release to the public. This seems to be that case with your book ? Regards,Martin.
  11. A Service Award Document signed by Admiral Conrad Albrecht of the Kommando der Marinestation der Ostsee. A position he held from 3rd July 1935 to the 31st of October 1938. He retired in December 1939. (Thanks to Kevin for providing the information on Albrecht).
  12. Thanks Kevin. You are a wealth of information. It looks like you do not have this signature in the database,so i will add it. Many thanks and regards,Martin.
  13. Hi Kev, any idea on this signature ? I cannot quite make it out,"Albrecht" perhaps ? Thanks,Martin.
  14. Now that is an interesting observation Luke. Does your book contain this page that shows the fallen crewmen from the Atlantis ? I ask this because the crewlist in my books start on the other side of this page. Regards,Martin.
  15. Indeed a treasure Joe. One of those rare items that perhaps only "HK geeks" like us can really appreciate. Regards,Martin,
  16. This is an old thread thread that i originally posted in what was then the "KM Forum". I wonder if John could move this thread to the new "photo and documents" forum,where it's content would be more appropriate i think. Anyway,here is photo i have from a known KOMET crewman,Jan Gerdelmen..He is on the right in this photo,wearing the HK award. Regards,Martin.
  17. And if i see one,i will let you know. BTW,welcome to the "Hilfskreuzer Collectors Club" Luke. You may have other interests but there are a few of us i know of that collect "only" HK related items. Regards,Martin.
  18. Thanks for the additional pic's Bob. Looks like you have a well worn but original Juncker and a great looking G.W.L Destroyer,excellent condition. Nice personal touch on the mainpin by the recipient. Thanks and regards,Martin.
  19. A very nice looking display and a fine looking Schwerin Fleet badge. Bob,do have have additional photo's of the other badges in the frame ?? Regards,Martin.
  20. Hard to say Luke ? They are rarer than the Atlantis books i think. I would keep checking in on e-bay and they show up on German Dealer sites from time to time but of course they demand a high price there. Regards Martin.
  21. I'm happy to be of help Luke,although Joe is definately more of an authority when it comes to the Atlantis,or any other Hilfskreuzer for that matter. If you have not read his book yet i suggest you buy a copy.One of the best books written on the Atlantis. Regards,Martin.
  22. Thanks for the information Joe,that is good to know.as i have i never seen this practice before. And i agree that with the Rogge's signatures,Luke has a "great pick up" here. BTW Joe,was i correct in thinking that this was a 2nd edition,1944 with the beige cover and the crewlist ommited?? Many thanks,Martin.
  23. Hi Luke, the book looks like an original 2nd edition,with the crewlist omitted. As you mention the photographs are not that great but i certainly make out examples of Rogge's handwriting that i beleive is original. What puzzles me here is that i have two early editions of the Atlantis book with the complete crewlists but there is no "Kurt Leube" mentioned in the crewlists. I have no idea what this man's association is with Atlantis,but i will try to find out. Regards,Martin.
  24. Another KM document issued to Oberstabsmatrosen Martin Schmitz.The document is signed by Vizeadmiral Hans-Herbert Stobwasser. I beleive that Schmitz went on to serve on the HK Thor and later in the war was awarded the Marinefrontspange. Sadly,i do not have his HK document but i do have his MFS doc. Regards,Martin.
  25. Agaim a double award document for the "3.u 4, Klasse" issued to a member of the Kriegsmarine,Bootsmann Walter Fiedler. I have posted his Minesweeper document in the appropriate thread also. Regards,Martin. ,
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