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  1. Hi Guys ! Figuered out that I needed some more Flak Badges . Heeres Flak unmarked , but made by Juncker . Jan Arne
  2. Hi ! Great Collection , and some very very nice displays . Jan Arne
  3. Back of Minesweeper . Had to change from Firefox to Goggle Crome to be able to post pics . Jan Arne
  4. Hi Guys ! Unmarked Minesweeper . Here is the Minesweeper I bought from the same seller that sold the E-Boot Badge . Sadly pin and catch is broken , but price was between £ 5 - 6 . From whats left of the pin , and the details on the Badge it looks like a Meybauer . Jan Arne
  5. Thanks Martin ! Will post the Minesweeper as soon I`m able to figure out whats the problem with the size of the pics . GMIC says to large size but pics is 698 x 450 , 78,1 kb so that should be inside the range . Jan Arne
  6. Thanks Gordon ! Quite heavy piece , weight is 44.0 gr . Jan Arne
  7. Hi Guys ! Found this E-Boot 2. edition on a Norwegian auction site . Same seller that sold the Meybauer U-Boot Badge and the RS Coastal Artillery badge . Also this E-Boot Badge was sold as a Fake , got it for about £ 12-13 . I beleive this is a original one . Jan Arne
  8. Bob ! An other just GREAT visor Cap from You Collection !!! Jan Arne
  9. Just a thought Rich. ! Could it be an other maker than BSW , one of the Wiena makers . Jan Arne
  10. Hi Bob ! GREAT Generals Visor Cap and very very nice displays You have made . Jan Arne
  11. And a Pics I got from Nesredep when we was at the Letohallen Militaria Show here in Norway . Jan Arne
  12. Got 3 Panser pics together with a PAB for some days ago . One is Postcard size , the other in small size . Jan Arne
  13. Hi John ! That is to very very nice LW Eagles . Jan Arne
  14. Thanks Guys ! I also hope that I`m able to find a nice LW Eagle in Buntmetall one day . Jan Arne
  15. WOW ! 3 "CEJ" Pilotbadges , that is great Francois . Jan Arne
  16. But lately it has come up GOOD Copies of the 830S + W " Frontkjempermerket . Copies are lighter than the original . Weight on Copies are between 14 and 15 gr . I will not post the correct weight of the origianl her , but if any will like to have the weight on original just send me a PM . Jan Arne
  17. Hi Guys ! Today it would go for about NOK 8000,- that is about ? 900,- Jan Arne
  18. Hi Rich ! Thought some of the fully name marked ones had the C catch and not the ? Jan Arne
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