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  1. Here is the first version with a gilt star award.
  2. HI Guys Could someone give me an idea of which version/manufacturer of the medal this is please. Cheers Dave
  3. Thanks. I was hoping it was in rough shape because it was early version.
  4. Hi Guys I have just acquired the following badge. Can anyone give me an idea of the age/ details etc., please. Most of the ones I can find are made by IKOM. Cheers Dave
  5. Cheers Gunner, I thought I had seen a gilt version previously.
  6. Hi Guys Any information you can provide on this one please?
  7. It is not for sale but this one looks to be more bronze/brass than silver and is quite heavy.
  8. No problem Nick, there is more than one variation of this medal, so they could both be authentic or alternatively both be fakes. We will probably never know for sure Lots of information discussing these, but unless you can get one with an authentic document from a trusted source it is a lottery.
  9. Maybe?, these are a nightmare to authenticate, lots of debate all over the internet. Here is the one I have settled for, before I attached a new ribbon, but no guarantee this is right either I am afraid.
  10. Missing the hammer & sickle on the star at the bottom on the obverse?
  11. I seem to remember purchasing a Polish medal from them some time ago. I don't remember having any problem with them.
  12. I am most dubious of No.2 The Philippine Independence medal as it has a Luzon ribbon attached to it and although it may not be too easily recognisable from the images the Rs in JR at the end of J J TUPAZ JR appear to be Ps. It is also the only version I have where both the obverse and reverse have makers markings. However it is still a very nice quality medal.
  13. 7-Philippine-Defense Medal 8-Philippine-Liberation Medal
  14. Here are some more Philippine medals and different versions(with reverse) of those already shown. I am afraid I cannot date or verify the authenticity of them but maybe someone else can? 1-Philippine-Gold Cross Medal 2-Philippine-Independence Medal 3-Jolo Campaign Medal 4-Military Commendation Medal 5-Military Merit Medal 5(a)-Philippine-Military Merit Medal 6-Philippine-Wounded Personnel Medal
  15. Many of the Philippine medals were manufactured by Jose J Tupaz Jr., but here is a different version of the Resistance 1941-1945 medal by C Zamora. If you look closely on the obverse of the medal it has CZ where the previous one shown in this thread has JT (at the bottom of the sword in between the laurel wreath). I have not seen this version before and wondered if anyone else is familiar with it and could possibly provide any further information with regards to date etc?
  16. Peter, I think he must have just simply trained in Debert in the workshop and as it appears he was born in the UK it is highly unlikely he would have earned any of the medals I received with the diaries (as the War medal is silver). It's a shame, I was hoping for something exciting to come to light. Maybe next time.
  17. Many thanks Tony, the 1943 Xmas home address written in the diary is Manor Cottage, Broadway, Totland Bay, IoW so the medals do appear to be a total red herring.
  18. Good evening Gentlemen I recently acquired a couple of RAF related diaries for 1943/1944(only a few personal entries) with what appears to be the name LAC R S J Rolfe 1208565 with addresses for home in the Isle of Wight and also a Station Workshop address in Debert, Nova Scotia. The first diary appears to have been bought for Ron, so it seems likely he is Ronald Rolfe. With the diary came 3 medals, a War Medal(silver Canadian version I believe), a Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Overseas bar and a Polish Armed Forces in the West Military Action Cross with Narvik bar. Now I am not sure the medals belong to the diaries and whether a Canadian could even be awarded this Polish medal is I guess unlikely but they came together and the seller mentioned Fleet Air Arm. I realise he was a Leading Aircraftman(LAC) and that Debert was a major training centre during WW2. Was he Canadian stationed on the Isle of Wight or English sent to Canada and the medals are a red herring? I have done general internet searches on his name with nothing helpful arising to date. Any suggestions or help gladly accepted.
  19. I am disappointed to find out that the ribbon on the Auxiliary and Medical Personnel version shown August 4th is in fact related to the Order of Cameroon Merit 1946 - 1972.
  20. Very nice Igor, your first cross(Spinks) is very similar to my cross. I am afraid my pictures are no where as crisp as all the other others provided. I must congratulate you and Nikos on your photography. Dave
  21. Thanks for the confirmation of my cross, and sharing the pictures and the information on your Gold Cross Nikos. Dave
  22. Hi Gents I have recently acquired the illustrated medal. There appear to be several types of these crosses, some with 2 part crowns,some with holes in the crown etc. There also appear to be differing bars with 1940 on them. Could you give me your opinions on this with regards to WW2 authenticity please, and maybe show different versions you might have with regards to makers etc and highlight any differences. Cheers Dave
  23. Thanks, a little disappointed as I was hoping it was partisan related with the date shown.
  24. I have recently seen these medals and wondered if anyone could provide any information on them please. The first 2 backs are plain other than makers name from Ljubljana and the third completely blank. Cheers Dave
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