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  1. Coastal Artillery but blank black shoulderboards? I assume its the lowest rank?
  2. 1936 there was only awarded 200 people with the Segelflugabzeichen C in Bronze.
  3. Im happy i can add something which has not been shown here in wear yet. Kraftfahrer patch hard to see but its there!
  4. Hi, The Ausweis and abzeichen is also out there without swastika. I am wondering of this organisation was under the NSKK or under any other bigger organisation.
  5. Very interesting! I always was thinking about writing a book about small and unknown organisations. I hope to do it someday and i hope i can add the Kleingärtner organisations aswell! Luft
  6. NS-Flugtag would it be organized by the DLV between 1933-1935?
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