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  1. Congratulations, a most interesting and informative post regards Alex
  2. Hi gentlemen thats the correct number, so my understanding is that it's pre 1945 and not a Panasiuk post war replacement. Thanks for the information, most helpful regards
  3. Hi Leigh thanks for the links, the first site photo's although small seem to suggest that it is a pre-war original, but I'm sure someone will correct me!! regards Alex
  4. I have in my collection an example of the Polish order Virtuti Militari, 5th class; I have always considered this to be an authentic piece. Some basic research indicates that this award is in fact is rare, if totally pre war original. Does anyone know if this is a pre-war original or post war Panasiuk replacement for an original, and if it is, does that make it a fake? thanks .
  5. Hi These are displayed at the RAF Museum at Hendon London together with uniform and other awards attached regards
  6. joe agree entirely, from what I've experienced ww11 rattlers are invariably early pieces when quality control or the tight regulations of the LDO weren't about. attached the early W & L 100 stamped ek11
  7. hi gentlemen, and firstly a thanks to Kev in Deva for introducing myself and my EK1 to the forum. As explained, I have had this for a number of years and unfortunately the pictures really don't do it justice in terms of quality and workmanship, I thought personally that I'd not seen one before but delving into the old memory cells, I recall downloading a photo (For research purposes only!) a photo last year from a dealers web site unfortunately can't remember which. I honestly thought that mine was a Jewellers one-off piece, as can be seen from the attached it's not so there must be more out there, although maybe few and far between, it really is a piece of jewellery. Thanks regards Alex
  8. Hi, Actually I have two genuine EK11 39-45 which do rattle 1 is made by Wahtler & Lange and the other one excapes me for the moment, both are genuine. The W& L one is an early war piece, possibly before the LDO got in there, I don't know regards Alex
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