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  1. English isn't my native language, can you please explain what do you mean by: "I believe they may have been in my possession"? Can you also please state what other items that are far more interesting and valuable do you have? What can be more valuable than attributed award group of officially inscribed awards? Of cuorse my question refers to military awards as this is the topic of this thread?
  2. In smaller frames This one came with the one that included Sardinian and Turkish full size medals.
  3. Order of the Bath and Miniature Medals that belonged to Lieutenant-Colonel William Bernard Ainslie, Commander of the 93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) Regiment of Foot.
  4. artemii

    Spanish Cross

    Thank you. The picture of the front comes with closed swastika so you will find nothing interesting there. If I'll buy it, I'll post the pictures.
  5. artemii

    Spanish Cross

    What is your opinion on this one?
  6. Can it be original? The date is very interesting
  7. Most probably Germans. I have the same Order for a pilot who went MIA in 43. If it was from the grave/ground, the condition of the award would be quite different.
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