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  1. Great thread guys. I've really enjoyed following this one! I must admit, though, I was quite disapointed, when I picked up a book 'cataloging' his kills. The vast majority were old fashioned or out of date two seaters. It sort of took away the aura for me. Am I being unfair? This great history, though. Regards, John
  2. If that's who I think it is... fascinating character, called ' Fighting Mac', and ended in suicide, I believe, over his sexuality... am I correct? Regards John
  3. Hi Dan, Great badges. I'm thinking about getting the Naval Wound badges, but have no idea what to pay. Any ideas? Cheers, John
  4. BJOW, I disagree! How much for the fingers? Regards, John
  5. Hi Raj-Rif, Welcome to GMIC! Interesting post. What was the religeous make up of this Division? Was each Indian Division made up of one religeon, or was it multi religeous/cultural? Regards, John
  6. Does anyone know if there were any Mentions In Despatches given during the Paras action at Majar Al-Kabir, where the Brotish RMPs were killed? It would be the same action that Sergeant Robertson was awarded the Conspicious Gallantry Cross.
  7. Interesting, but the PSNI has downsized massively recently. There are still alot of troops based there, but in todays climate, for how much longer? Every large incident (Portadown for example) sees the deployment of troops. I wonder if soon, other County Forces will support, like over here.... John
  8. What do you reckon, Chaps? Bought in UK. Have a guarantee money back option... I don't have any experience of these!
  9. Hi Guys. Great responses. I always thought that the USA method of awards was more cut & dried that ours. It's not, but just as long winded as ours (G.B.) . Regards, John
  10. Sorry guys, been busy at work the last few days... I will get some more pics on tomorrow night.
  11. It's a Shackleton,,, I must admit that that all I renenber about them is the fact that they patrolled the N. Atlantic for 40 years too long.. this is an original with 30mm guns in the nose.
  12. Hi Guys, This is my first FJ badge. It is quite heavy compared to other FJ badges, and has no makers mark. Can any one tell me about it? Thanks John
  13. Received a piccy from my Dad , of me , a very long time ago. Its a Commando armoured car, ambushed by the rebels, with an RPG-7 and small arms fire, in the early seventies, i think. It's taken on Salalah plain. All the crew were killed.
  14. Hi James, Lovely post, and my hat off to you for taking the time and effort to visit his Grave. It's nice to have his memory kept alive. Regards, John
  15. Nice post, chaps. A terrible shame, but I thank him for our freedom. It made my blood boil that 'they' ie the PC brigade want to do away with Remembrance Sunday. It's men like this who we owe a great deal to. They carried the mental and physical scars to enable us to live the way do today. I think one day a year isn't to much to ask. I do hope Mr Anderson found his peace. regards, John
  16. Hi Gordon, I am no expert on this, but I did have a QSA to a chap in the 95th Yeomanry, and the service papers showed only a mention of previous service , i think he did six yers elsewhere, but these papers were only interested in the year he did in the yeomanry. I hope that helps.... john
  17. Hi hinrich, Yet anpther great post. I know you are away at the moment, but please keep it coming. For me it's something competely new , and I find it fascinating! Do you have shotgun restrictions in Iceland? What is the Armed Forces like there? Regards, John
  18. Hi Hinrik, Really great post. Thank you very much. Oh, and please pardon my ignorance.... there really is very little information available on Iceland during the Wars. I would love to see and hear more on the topic, particularly of your museum. Are you enjoying China? Regards, John
  19. Gordon, Blinding post! I didn't realise that there were still yeomanry units around. Regards, John
  20. Hi Marc, Have you tried the Royal British Legion? They would be a good place to start, and should have info on various Naval Associations. Regards, John
  21. Hinrich, Thank you, that was an interesting response. What does Iceland's Navy consist of today? Regards, John
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