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  1. Incredible post. Medal of Honor winners are always interesting to check out, especially the few double MOH winners. Ryan
  2. Very nice medals! My grandfather has several of these, as he worked on the Apollo program and others. I love to see these posted, though they are not necessarily "military" medals. NASA employees and workers did not have uniforms per se, but they did have to wear badges and identification at all times. Most of the astronauts NASA used were Navy or Airforce pilots who wore uniforms, but only because they were military. Check NASA's website to find some pics of Mission Control and launch preparations. Mostly the men who worked on the spacecraft just wore jumpsuits and protective gear. Hope this helped! Take care, Ryan
  3. Yes, thanks for the heads up Julian. Their site does have a nice museum. Take care, Capstone.
  4. Does anyone know what year this may have been taken? It is in very nice condition, Sal. The clarity is fairly impressive. Thank you for posting, Ryan
  5. Fascinating topic, gentlemen. It is very interesting to hear all these different names! I am not aware of many American nicknames, but I will ask some of my friends in the military about them. A few I know are USMC- "Uncle Sam's Misguided Children," the US Airforce- "US Chairforce," and plenty of jokes on the Navy which lack appropriateness... Anyway, Thanks for posting! Capstone
  6. Ah, thank you, Bob. I will ask her about the bracelet tonight if I see her. Perhaps she can shed some light on it for me. It will be interesting to hear what she has to say. Thanks, Capstone
  7. Great piece. Vet acquired I assume? Looking forward to seeing more, and thanks for posting. Capstone
  8. Julian, Very nice piece! These are not common at all, from what I hear. A lady whose husband was in the AAF from early '42 through the 50's wears hers still today. I don't know if it is his or if she had it made to keep him present with her, but she still treasures it after all these years. Thank you for sharing, Capstone
  9. An acquaintance of mine recently acquired two M42 para jackets and one pair of jump pants at a "yard sale" as we call them in America. It is my opinion that there are likely those issued vests still out there to be had from various places. I agree that if the vest was unpopular amongst the troops, they would have likely opted out of wearing them. After reading the information posted in the link below,I can see why they would be unpopular. Today's vests are much improved: they provide easy access to ammunition, medical supplies, grenades, and a even clip to hang the soldier's weapon on. Today's assault vests used by Special Forces troops are very popular for just those reasons. However, given their unpopularity in The Second World War, most surely would have been left in surplus in Great Britain. Here is a good link for pictures of the assault vest: Assault Vests Thank you for the information, Ryan
  10. Excellent helmets. I love the Inland liner; its condition is very nice! Thanks for posting, Ryan
  11. Very nice list there, Ulsterman. I think that carbine may rival my vote for "The Best." Capstone
  12. Thanks for the background on the award, PK. Where would Guynemer have hung his Croix if it were 18 inches long? Quite an accomplished pilot, to say the least! Capstone
  13. Quite a group. Once they're arranged properly, you are set! Capstone
  14. Darrell, Your award is absolutely beautiful. In prime condition as well. Do you have any numbers on how many recipients there were of this award? A very nice addition to your collection. Capstone
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