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  1. Hello, i just found this topic and thought i could add some pics of a roup i own. best regards. Detlev
  2. Thanks for all the helpful information and the great photo. Best regards. Detlev
  3. Hi Jon, unfortunately, i ve only this picture. This group came together with groups of other family members and a list of names. Just in case. This group is on auction in march. Best regards. Detlev
  4. Hi Chris, so we can stick our heads together and cry in the beer. Prob it s the same guy who own my Kreta and Erdkampf award docs. I was able to buy the beautiful para group through an auction. Only these two docs were missing. Later on they were found and sold on Militaria321, which i missed. I offered twice the price he paid and the same doc from another person, but no way. Off course you are right, it s his decision, but there is not really logical reason, or? So lets wait for the miracle. Best regards Detlev
  5. Hi Dave, thxs for your reply. I didn t know about the bavarian crown. Best regards Detlev
  6. Hello, here are some pictures of a group which was recently sold in an auction. So probably some of you have already seen it. I ve a few questions regarding his awards on the picture. Is he wearing the china medal on his bar? i can t find anything about a service there. Also i read that he got his "Ritter" because of his MMJO which i think is not correct, because he received the order of the crown first. Is there any source where i can find the reason for the awarding of the order of the crown?I do have the explanations for the PLM and the MMJO and I ve his Kriegsstammrolle from Ancestry, but it s very tough to read. I als would appreciate if anybody can provide another picture of him. Best regards Detlev
  7. Hi, quite an interesting man. Here is a picture wearing all his glory. You can see it s exactly the same bar, at this time still with the swords on the AK. Regards Detlev
  8. and here is one of my favorites. The bar of Generalleutnant Johannes Zukertort.
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