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  1. I know one photographIa of Queen Elisabeta with awards before 1881 year I know two photos of Queen with russian order of St. Ekaterina with diamonds ( receive in 1877 ) with order Crown of Romania with diamonds I know only this gravure Can you help me find photography of Queen with this Order ?
  2. This cross with separate medallions , I have some without these parts Your and my marked crosses one piece made
  3. I have only this soldiers cross in pure silver, marked 925, like sold cross from this store http://bulgarianmedals.com/i-2603-1915-bulgaria-soldier-bravery-order-silver-rr.html
  4. I think this order princess Elisabeth receive from Queen Elizabeta 🍷
  5. Queen Marie of Romania and order of St Sava with diamonds princess Maria, Queen of Yougoslavia and order of Karageorge Star with diamonds of Queen ( from Tito’s safe )
  6. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ http://www.capodopere2019.ro/fructiera-lucrat-de-paul-telge-pentru-regele-carol-i-en.html
  7. Very rare !!! can you make photos of cross without ribbon ?
  8. No. only austrian Rothe and germany Zimmermann makes Bulgarian orders with diamonds This photos of Associated Press from August 1931, wedding of princess Ileana Queen Marie have another order, you can see different And ... Order of Queen Marie lost in Soviet Russia with another diamonds of Queen 😟
  9. another interesting Item - order V class with swords russian production
  10. May be not twice- Elisabeth of Romania, Queen Consort of Greece, daughter of Queen Marie and King Ferdinand with some order
  11. Back of star - yellow gold, but front I think silver , letters CC gold two these orders was awarded Queen Elisabeth and Queen Marie
  12. Hi Graf, Thank you for pictures !!! Hier few pictures of officers with St. Alexander order IV class , see please size of cross
  13. Yes, this one πŸ‘ May be you can make best quality pictures ? 🍷
  14. Hi Graf, Thank you for pictures ! may be you can post good pictures of your ubergross St. Alexander IV Class from Battenberg period ?! Your friend have very nice collection, but I remember GC with swords over cross and don’t like this set. Crown with swords not from GC, I think from neck order - 2nd or 3rd class
  15. I have few orders from Osipov and few from Wondra ( Darmstadt ) and my new toy - GC from Scheid
  16. Great ! Thank you for sharing . very rare order V class for foreigners - only 200-300 was produced . pure silver πŸ‘
  17. these two from british museums Admiral Beatty feldmarshal Allenby
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