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  1. What I would like to do is include an image of each state monarch with their state awards. Originally I would have liked to have used period postcards, but I have found these are a little to large and take up a bit to much valuable space. So I thought I would look for some pics on the net and reduce their size. After looking at the images available on the net, I have found that they are generally of a low quality. Because I need images of a much higher resolution so to alter the image size without losing to much detail, I was hoping that fellow members might be kind enough to
  2. Hello everyone, Recently I had some display cabinets made... I am now at the stage of playing around with ideas on how to display the many state awards I have acquired over the past few years.
  3. A big thank you to you all, this is a great result. Now to find a picture of Dr Prehn...
  4. This is a good point, and one that makes the bar that more interesting for me.Thankyou
  5. Thanks for the help Andreas, very interesting. The GH MVO4X (pictured earlier) weighs 27.99g This JL weighs 22.60g
  6. Hey Andreas, So a third class would be made of actual gold not in silver gilt? And why would there be a seperation from the frame in a third class but not in a fourth class?
  7. Hello Andreas I have to agree not the best workmanship compared to the likes of Jacob leser and Gebrüder Hemmerle. Thr poorer quality manufacture and the type of the lion made me think Weiss. Who where the makers who produced "with crown"? Are the MVK1XmKr usually found with mm?
  8. Hello Guys, I am looking at purchasing this MVK 1st class with crown and swords. The MVK is not marked but It looks like a Weiss & Co manufacure to me, Would this be correct? Would these crosses be typically marked being at the high end of the scale? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. MVO 4.Kl mKuX Ring mm 900, Swords mm GH900, mm GH950 6 o'clock arm Gebrüder Hemmerle. Question: With some of these MVOs being marked in the 6 oclock position is this an earlier or later production?
  10. Greetings to All Here are the marked MVKs and MVOs I have. MVK 3.Kl mX mm GH Gebrüder Hemmerle
  11. Hi Chris, I thought the same thing and came to the same conclusion. There is nothing obvious to me
  12. Now so far its been pretty straight forward as each state had a fairly distinct design and cypher for their respective award. The questions I have at the moment pertain to the awards from the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt. Firstly, for each states a standard ribbon was used for each of the 9.12.15 year awards. For example Blue for Prussia, Blue and White for Bavaria etc. As far as I know Hesse has a Red and White ribbon. The 12 year I have has move of an orangy brown. Is this just simply faded or did Hesse have a different colour between 9 and 12yr awards? I have seen the same col
  13. Hello Everyone, Having nearly finished EK equivalents for Junior Officers,I just need a Saxe-Meiningen Medaille "Für Verdienst im Krieg" mit Krone in Bronze not Zinc (Medal for Merit in War with Crown) if you have one..., I thought I would try a put together a wee collection of long service awards (not the Landwehr) from the Imperial German States. This is what I have so far...
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