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  1. I don't think any JzP regiment wore Garde Litzen. More likely a Kürassier.
  2. Here are my officer's boards. Any are available for trade against nice enlisted straps that I can use.
  3. None of my bugles have inscriptions, by which I assume you meant unit markings. Chip
  4. Charles, I collect German bugles. I have a Prussian, Bavarian and Saxon examples in brass and a Prussian in steel. I also have the rare belt carrier. Chip
  5. I was thrown off by the helmets, so thanks Bayern for the information. Chip
  6. Most collectors wanting Leiber stuff would have no idea about the history of the man. They just see "ILR" and throw out the money. Knowledge pays or saves, depending on how you look at it. There are lots of Leiber collectors out there.
  7. These rayon linings were notorious for wearing through. When you add a second pocket for extra storage, the bulging pocket would wear through much faster than normal.....thus the leather reinforcement. Chip
  8. The tunics in post #32 look like those of one of the Maschinengewehr Abteilung.
  9. I think we are petty much in agreement that the crowned Edelweiß badge is postwar. With one of the two last bidders now having an example, the next one will sell for a lot less. I wish I had a second one, as I would be happy to sell even for 160 Euro. Chip
  10. Private purchase M1907. Could vary significantly from the official width of issue patterns. Chip
  11. I can see it and it looks like the 8th Reserve Division insignia to me. It makes sense with the other pins in the photo. What else would it be? Chip
  12. Wolfgang, Could you show the leather tabs that have Hersteller-Stempels? Thanks, Chip
  13. Chris, If I had any private purchase tunics, I would be happy to trade you for issue ones.
  14. GeryC, I did not give all the definitions of the word, as I thought that the most common meaning would suffice. Of course, you are correct with the additional meanings. Chip
  15. The history of the Sturmbataillon Nr.1 includes the history of the bayr.Infanterie=Geschütz=Batterie Nr.2. Chip Bolle, That's an outstanding group! Very jealous.
  16. Chip


    If you are eager for an issue NCO tunic, what do you have to trade?


    1. ccj


      Well Chip, I don't know what I have in trade for an NCO tunic as I would have officer tunics and medals. Are you willing to trade?

    2. Chip


      Hi Charles,

      Unfortunately, not interested in Officer's stuff or medals. :( 


  17. Is that a Salzbeutel? The dimensions look the same as others I have seen. Chip
  18. Hello Christophe, The officer's boards that came with this patch are his from after the introduction of the "MW" for shoulder boards. This introduction meant that the sleeve patches were no longer needed and they were quickly discontinued. I suppose that is one reason the patches are so rare to find today. This is half of a pair (the other is in a frame). Chip
  19. I think these heavy cord (major through general) boards date from the 1866 pattern. At that time, all field grade officers (Ltn. to Hauptmann) wore the flat, narrow 1866 pattern. When the next major change came in 1888, I believe the higher ranks cords were downsized to more what we would expect to see, say, in 1910. Officer's still had some leeway in their choices and I'm sure many older officers continued to wear the larger boards after 1888. Chip
  20. I don't think there has been a positive ID on these. I have seen other numbers like this. It appears to be a Pickelhaube cover number. I have a bunch of loose ones that I bought at the Stuttgart show back in the early 80's and they are this style and size. It looks like this guy is from a 200 series Reserve unit. Chip
  21. Yes, it's a feldgrau color lining. I have two Saxon caps with half-size marks, a 54,5 and a 57,5. Chip
  22. A French friend of mine has a Bing Tornister. It's in nice shape. Here's another Bing product.
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