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  1. I wouldn't want to meet that sergeant in the first photo in a trench. Nice photos.
  2. Thanks for the comments. I definitely need to get a good recommendation on research possibilities. Spring 45 (and the close number for action at the Reichstag) makes me very curious as to if this is Berlin related. Then I'd be very happy. :jumping:
  3. Well, I looked at five Red Stars today; all with the Monetny Dvor mint mark. Three looked pretty good - all high numbers (1,844,674 - this one is below; 1,9xx,xxx - dealer said this was Moscow minted; 2,1xx,xxx). One was a 6-digit number, but the front of the star was very, very worn - almost no details to the soldier. I like the number, but the wear was a question for my inexperienced eye. It looks original, but how much does the wear take off the value? One looked pretty good, except that the engraving of the number was still very shiny in the cuts - suspicious, considering the res
  4. If you don't accept it - it is likely lost to the family; as you said the French Consulate doesn't seem to care after they send out the medal (action completed in their mind). They won't likely do anything to find the veteran. What if you accept and find the family - huge success. It's a win and you have the feeling of a good deed done. What if you accept and don't find the family - just return it back to the Consulate; the result would be the same as if you don't accept at all. No harm, no foul. If you accept and try - you tried to do the right thing. If you fail, worst case is that
  5. Hehe... Now I see Long Service. Patience isn't my strong trait. :whistle:
  6. Nice award; any idea for what activity she received the Star? I will be looking Red Stars over tomorrow at the Yerevan flea market. :ninja:
  7. Paul, any advice on how I can get these researched? A service of some sort?
  8. Chuck, thanks for the intell on the dealers. I only saw four so-called dealers in medals. Although there were a few others that dealt in uniforms, badges, patches, boots, etc. The one I bought from sounds like your preferred guy - close to the same location you describe, back under the blue tarps; he had a wide variety of militaria, including a lot of paper. He actually offered to show me the "orders" from under the table as he had mostly anniversary and campaign medals displayed. Two others were nearby to him displaying everything in cases; but they were higher priced and had the "fake" s
  9. Ferdinand, you know, I debated with my "bad eyes" whether it was a "3" or a "5" at the beginning of the number. And I didn't look close at my own photo. And now that I do look at the photo; it looks like you are correct - the number is 350949. The engraver "missed" with the top horizontal arm of the 5 and put it to the left touching the 3. A lower number is always a good thing... :cheers:
  10. Thanks for taking a look at this one too, Dan and Paul. As I said, I was able to bargain this one into the price for the Glory. I visited the dealer's table twice - I got the pair for his first asking price for the Glory alone. I think the price was reasonable - I certainly was happy. Especially since it was birthday money from my mother-in-law burning a hole in my pocket. :whistle:
  11. Thanks for the expert input Paul and Dan!! I am quite pleased my first foray into this flea market resulted in a couple of good finds. I saw a couple of other Glories at the market - at a slightly higher price (about $15 more); so, that doesn't sound too bad if they are quality pieces. Although the other dealers weren't as "friendly." I liked the "attitude" of the dealer that I got this Glory from - he had a couple other orders, in particular Order of the Patriotic War and Red Stars, they might be worth a look. I have a "mission" for next Saturday. PS: Could either of you send m
  12. Yes, I also would like to see the shoulder straps more clearly; but I don't know if that's possible even with a better scan. Are your sure about the name; Henry would be Heinrich in German. And Harrisson doesn't seem very German either.
  13. I bargained this Medal for Combat Service into the price for the Order of Glory 3. Class in my previous post. Your comments welcome. Like the Order of Glory's suspension - maybe this one isn't original either. Number: 1487443
  14. A closer look at the Order of Glory 3. Class obverse and reverse
  15. I am definitely not an expert at Soviet orders/medals (or anything for that matter ); so, let me hear your comments about this Order of Glory 3. Class found today at the Yerevan, Armenia flea market. I also include a photo of the suspension reverse - maybe not an original suspension device. It's number: 530949
  16. It is my grossly generalized and sweeping opinion that every activity during WWI at both the operational and strategic levels of war was a cockup - on every front and by every force - except probably the Germans on the Eastern Front and the Germans at the Italian Front. We can only find leadership, innovation and initiative at the tactical level. But again, simply my opinion... And without corroborating details.
  17. I don't know if she's the FIRST enlisted aide in the USAF - but she is certainly one of the highest - to a 4-star component commander: CHIEF MASTER SERGEANT PAMELA A. DERROW; UNITED STATES AIR FORCES IN EUROPE http://www.usafe.af.mil/library/biographies/bio.asp?id=10742
  18. Of course, Reichsparteitag Nueremburg Rally was 10-16 September 1935. Wonder if this meeting was in conjunction with that event... :unsure:
  19. Interesting that a Google search results in this entry with the NordRhein-Westfalen Germany archives. Your tinnie has Sept 1935; so, likely a different location. Englisch-deutsches Frontkämpfer-Treffen in Brighton (England) 20.-27. Juni 1935 und Gegenbesuch der ReK Juli 1935 Enthält : Presseberichte; Programm; Bericht über den Gegenbesuch Also, found a reference on a Potsdam.de website that indicates English veterans visited Potsdam on 18 July 1935.
  20. #3 - Not Austrians in the lower right corner. I would say this is German Feld-Artillerie moving forward with German Jaeger against French infantry.
  21. #2 - I would say this is a 15cm schweres Feldhaubitze Model 1902.
  22. #1 - Yes, I would say this is Feld-Artillerie. This is likely pre-war art and I would say the gun resembles the 7.7cm Feldkanone C/96 (FK 96 a/A) This would be the predecessor to the 7.7 cm Feldkanone 96 neuer Art (7.7 cm FK 96 n.A.), which I agree is the subject of #4 and #6. I also think #5 is an artist's rendition of the same field piece; he simply didn't have room to make it precise. The rifle doesn't look precise either.
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