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  1. This is a fast (and terrible) scan of the cannons on my Technische Institut der Artillerie strap. The shape is very similar to the one on the sleeve in Chris' photo. However, the sleeve device appears a bit larger. Nevertheless, it gives some credibility to Andy's theory that there is some relationship to a Waffenmeister.
  2. If we could only talk to these two guys... Their stories are well worth a bottle or two of Cognac.
  3. Chip, it's right there in the drawer. But instead of opening one beer, my wife and I opened two bottles of wine. Enough said. Scan did not get done last night.
  4. Chip, I would definitely include those in the artillery collection! Unfortunately, in my corner of the universe any strap rarely turns up... I will have to wait for you to get bored with your vast collection.
  5. I'm curious, Chip, the shovel/pick are reversed on the Nr. 12 and Nr. 22 straps. Is that because for Pioneer there were left and right side straps?
  6. I always thought Eisenbahn would be a great collecting theme considering the importance of trains to the war, including train schedules related to mobilization being cited as contributing to the causes of the war. My grandfather, father, and some uncles worked on the railroad; if I weren't into artillery, that might be my focus. I often have to remind myself to "not buy" Eisenbahn related stuff, but I'm always interested when I see it...
  7. Well, if Chip hasn't seen this badge either, I'm really curious now... I have an officer's shoulder strap from the Technische Institut der Artillerie with those crossed cannons (which Chip helped me identify in a GMIC thread), but can't find the images of it on my hard-drive at the moment. Edit: I found the previous thread, but I used the seller's image. Apparently, I never scanned the item myself. Maybe I'll open a beer later tonight and do that... Just for comparison of the cannons.
  8. You into trains now? You need the Immobile Landwehr Eisenbahn Baukompagnie bayonet I recently found.
  9. Do you think it's a veteran's souvenir? Or maybe a collector did that a long time ago...
  10. Definitely a block L. So a very unusual unit. Too bad the bayonet wasn't marked too...
  11. The term in German is "Richtkanonier" - the cannoneer who aims the weapon. (Kanonier, der das Geschütz in die zum Treffen eines Ziels erforderliche Richtung bringt.) In English, simply the gunner or gun-layer as you note. However, that is not the Richtkanonier abzeichen, which is sort of a bomb with wings for Feld-Artillierie and just a bomb for Fuss-Artillerie. They look similar to the shoulder strap bomb, but just a little more ornate. I verified in my my copy of the Leitfaden für den Unterricht der Kanoniere und Fahrer der Feldartillerie. Ausgabe 1915. The reference and CDV are dun
  12. Thanks, Chip, I would appreciate reading what the books have to say since I have nothing to reference.
  13. Wife found a couple antique stores not too far away that we had never visited; so, with a nice warm day for February on the Bay, we put the top down on her convertible and went to check them out. Overall, pretty much uninteresting stuff, but I did find a Model 1871 bayonet hidden among a bunch of fraternal Knights of Columbus swords. It was in great condition, including the leather on the scabbard. Unfortunately, I was unable to snap any photos. It was marked W74 with crown on the spine and Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co Solingen on the blade. The bayonet itself had no unit marking.
  14. Very nice topic and ribbon bar. I wish I had something to add other than admiration.
  15. Labors with a personal connection are always worth the long effort. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing the photos!
  16. This is the crest of the US Army V Corps. A corps with a long and storied history from WWI onwards. V Corps was headquartered for decades in Frankfurt, Germany, and was one of two Corps assigned to US Army Europe and NATO. It later moved to Wiesbaden where it was inactivated in 2013. A history of V Corps up until 2001 published by the V Corps historian.
  17. Andy is correct, this is the Quartermaster Corps Distinctive Corps (Regimental) Insignia. Combat Service Support branches have a single insignia worn as a corps/regimental insignia rather than a unique regimental Distinctive Unit Insignia like Combat Arms branches (example is my avatar = 6th Field Artillery regimental insignia).
  18. Hey, Chris!  How's it going these days?  I've been out of the collecting game for a little while, but checking in...  I can't let this Pass pass me by...  What's the best deal you can give me on the Pass and the Garde Art. EK document together?  I could even then go the full 35 Euro on the Prussian Ehrenzeichen.

  19. Yea, ignore that email I just sent you about baseball. (At least, it was about the history of baseball!) Cheers!
  20. You want cynicism? Maybe it really is all about the bass... Or not...
  21. Thanks for bringing back some memories! I remember these fellows as gate guards at the barracks during my tour in Berlin during the early 1980s.
  22. Interestingly, when you click on the link it goes to xfinity.com vice comcast.net. (Comcast is a major television cable and internet provider here in the US. xfinity is Comcast's latest version of high speed internet.) I suspect the account did not migrate to the new domain and server. Or the owner discontinued his account.
  23. Rob, you have an impressive collection - with a great theme - for a young man! You are an inspiration to we Old Contemptibles!
  24. Bill, your link to BMF still does not work without having to join the alternate forum. Rather than a link to BMF, I suggest you try either copying or saving the image as a new file then attaching it here. (Of course, you should then add the source reference as a note.)
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