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  1. This is a collar emblem for officer cadets that was introduced in 1943.
  2. Looks nice. Could be the european work.
  3. JapanX

    ask for help

    Case lid reads 記念 - commemorative Looks like a civil badge.
  4. Yes, so called field cases. This one (rising sun) was captured during Khalkhin Goal/Nomonghan in 1939.
  5. Cloak brooch of musical official. See also https://starina.ru/item/135043215_Пара_петличных_знаков_чиновника_музыкального_учреждения_51645
  6. Two other cups bear 愛 - love 忠 - faith Sometimes the box for the 誠 - sincerity cup bears additional label 木杯 第壹號 - wooden cup № 1 Cordialement, Nick
  7. This urushi was made by a famous Kinto lacquerware store, Tokyo. Short exerpt きん藤漆器店(日本橋2丁目)  初代創業はさだかではありませんが、弘化2年(1845)頃埼玉から江戸へ出て、当時日本橋通南2丁目付近の横丁通称19文横丁に店を出しているうちに近くの太物商(反物)近江屋を譲り受けて屋号を、近江屋の近と小林藤右衛門の藤とを組合わせて「近藤」と名乗りましたが「コンドウ」と間違えられるところから、明治40年に「きん藤」と改めて漆器専門店に専念し、表通りに面して店舗を構え、神奈川・埼玉・千葉など近県にも積極的に販路を拡張して財をなしました。 大正の震災後昭和4年に近代的な鉄筋5階建のビルを新築し、1階は一般漆器、2階は有名作家の作品等高級漆器を陳列し観賞や商談のロビーとして使用していたが、昭和20年3月の空襲で罹災し21年に福井市の加藤氏に譲渡して廃業しております。 From 明治百年「東京漆器の歩み」 This urushi is a part of the bigger set. Column on the left reads 彰仁親王 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Komatsu_Akihito 日本赤十字社 - Japanese Red Cross Society
  8. 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes of this medal.
  9. Original 6th class with original case. The "body" of the order almost completely lost its gilding. Today it is known for a fact that this type of order was issued for RJW. Best, Nick
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders,_decorations,_and_medals_of_the_Republic_of_China
  11. Nice medal bar, Claudio. As for the japanese ribbon, most likely this is not a medal of regular member, but an order of merit. Both are using the very same ribbon without rosette.
  12. Somebody has a vivid imagination. Looks like a typical "Mao badge". 忠 = loyal, faithful
  13. The six class is regilded. Or even something worse.
  14. This is order of pillars of the state, but it can`t be 4th class badge, since 4th class should be gold gilded. So this could be 8th, 7th or 6th class (depending on the number of bars at the ribbon) badge.
  15. Russian bronze. For those who did not participate in the battles, as well as for those who were in areas where martial law was declared. German bronze. For all participant of war in East Asia. So both bronze medals perfectly fit this medal bar.
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