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  1. You bet I am. Did you Mike? But since you are obviously don`t suffer from this problem + already read these regulations from 1941 please tell me what exactly do they say about time period when type 1design pattern was replaced by type 2
  2. Good luck with this site Mike. From what I see it has only basic info about current thai awarding system and latest news about awardings. But maybe I simply can`t find the right directory. Please give me a direct link to the directory where I can find these documents "you`ve seen"
  3. Let`s see some of these documents that "you`ve seen" and then I`ll show my evidence
  4. http://cris9.auers.ru/rossimperia_userdiemedal.htm
  5. JapanX


    This a doc for regular member badge (exact match to the one that is in the box). It was issued on April 12, 1909.
  6. If you are looking for a ww2 rising suns - look for rising suns in cases with silver kanji.
  7. JapanX


    All three were issued by Meiji School 學 in 明治中學 https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/明治大学付属明治高等学校・中学校 http://www.meiji.ac.jp/cip/english/index.html
  8. By this "photo" it`s impossible. We need nice clear pictures of obverse/reverse of every badge + case lead
  9. http://gmic.co.uk/topic/55329-badges-for-donations-to-development-of-aeronautics/
  10. http://gmic.co.uk/topic/56624-2nd-class-of-golden-kite-for-the-god-of-war/
  11. This information is incorrect. It happened long before 1941.
  12. JapanX

    red cross miniature

    Yes, very interesting mini.
  13. JapanX

    red cross miniature

    Could you show the obverse and reverse of this miniature group?
  14. JapanX

    What is this medal

    If my memory serves me right it was minted somewhere between November 1906 and January 1907. Original line drawings Best, Nick
  15. Unfortunately pilot badge is a replica. As for the pin - whithout the inscriptions it`s impossible to tell what it is.
  16. JapanX

    Rising Sun 6th class

    This piece belong to 1940+ time period. Silver kanji are typical for WW2 time period.
  17. Yes, it is certainly japanese made piece. Best, Nick
  18. Modern made mixture of order of rising sun with paulounia leaves and order of sacred treasure. Most likely unofficial commemorative badge of some organization. Without the original case (if there is one in existence) - unidentifiable.
  19. This army officer (most likely captain) is wearing order of the rising sun 5th or 6th class. Could be a graduate from german/austrian military school. Another possibility - assistant military attache.
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