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  1. Hello Peter,  Many THANKS for your prompt & kind reply. I have a chance to pick that 4 piece group up for $200 USD, delivered. Although it's not within my current collection focus, it does appear to be quite a nice little WW1 Trio group. IIRC, Any LSGC Medals when accompanied by a Trio would sell for decent money. For some reason, they appear to have stabilized somewhat in price ? I also wasn't sure if a group to an Royal Marine Band Musician would be deemed more valuable that some others ? Well, again I THANK YOU for your kind reply, Take care,


          Best,  Dom Pastore Jr. / dpast32@aol.com

    1. peter monahan

      peter monahan


      My pleasure.  I'm a retired teacher who can't resist instructing people! ;)  And lots of time on my hands.  Much of which I spend in the world of the Great War, researching and teaching. 

      I haven't actually bought many medals or groups in a good long while,  so I can't comment in detail on prices, but they do tend to be cyclical and reflect the general economy as well, as nobody really 'needs' a 2,nd, 3rd or 7th trio to the Bogshire LI. 

      I  agree that the R Marines have an edge on the RN in terms of price.  Also feel that an LSGC adds value to a group, as it indicates someone who was not just a 'hostilities only' type.  So, it sounds as if you got a good group for a good price!  I hope all your collecting endeavours go as well.

      Happy 2019!




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