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  1. gfh

    Hi,  Given your interest and expertise on the WWI Victory medals, it occurred to me that you might know whether there is a good illustrated comparison between the different types of ribbons used by the allied nations for their issued medals.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Regards, garven


    1. RobW


      Hello Garven,

      No; there is no direct illustrated comparison that is currently in print (yet) that shows the differences in ribbon tones/hues. Some of the vics from specific countries (France, US, Great Britain & Commonwealth, Italy, Japan, and Czechoslovakia) have distinctive ribbons so they are easy to identify. There is a pair of panoramic images showing various vics side-by-side that I posted to the 'WW1 Victory Medals General Discussion' sub-thread thread of the main vic thread that does show the variations in ribbons.

      There is also a sub-thread in the vic thread called 'Victory Medal Ribbons in General' which should provide additional examples.

      Hope this helps.


    2. gfh


      Thank you Rob, that'll get me started.

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