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  1. Nice set of minis. I have never seen that many Halbmond minis in the same place, at the same time before. Well Done.
  2. Wow, Chris. that makes for one very rare variant. Congratulations. Could you tell me how heavy it is? I would think it would feel considerably heavier that a standard Ek. Thanks, Greg
  3. Great advice. But as someone who was born with the collecting gene, I would not listen to the advice of others. All these lessons had to be learned first hand--the hard way. I am older and maybe a bit wiser now. I only collect small things and "usually" only if I feel I can afford it but there are times when that little voice pops back in my head
  4. I agree with Don. The cross looks like a Schickle. IMO it's a known cross style with upgraded materials being used. If indeed it is actually made of silver.
  5. The 1870 cross posted by Alex in post #8 is a complete fake. It is sometimes called the pot hole fake or the Deschler fake as you can find many many examples of this style all over ebay with the Deschler mark on it as well as D&S, Muchen 9 and others.
  6. The "slant W" was the nickname given to this particular style of core because of the very noticeable slant to center of the "W".
  7. Hi Tony, Unfortunately both of your crosses are very generic. The first class uses the the "slant W" core which was used by several different makers and the frame does not have any of the more unique hardware ( pins, hinges catches ) that we associate with certain makers. The same holds true of the second class. A generic core used by many different makers. The only really unique feature of the entire set is the 925 stamp on the ring. That is something not often seen. Congrates.
  8. I was at a military show just this morning and saw one one a vendor's table. He was not happy when I commented that they were made by a toy company in New York.
  9. I know one of our more well regarded dealers has had one of these posted on ebay for a long time with a buy it now price of $100.
  10. I've got 3 or 4 of these. One in the package. You can see it still has it's "Valuable coupon" which reads--- "Return 4 of these with $1.00 and you will receive a beautiful, gold stamped album."
  11. In my experience, this is the most common marks. They can also be found with CD 800 stamped all in one line. See here------ http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=262735
  12. Mine is identical to the one you posted except that about 2/3 of the paper tag on mine is missing.
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