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  1. The backside. Almost identical except this one has FANGS From the collection of Tiger 1
  2. I think it looks just as it should. Here is another example to compare to. From the collection of Tiger 1
  3. Very nice looking collection and nicely displayed I would really like to see a better picture of this little beauty. [attachmentid=48561]
  4. Here are mine------ All are roughly 1/72 scale. Tiger,Panther,Panzer, Sherman,Stuart,Grant,Patton and a Russian T34 [attachmentid=46890]
  5. Kjell, Very nice collection of minis.
  6. I love the contast between the rusty, poorly detailed core and the mirror polished backside.
  7. Why stop at one [attachmentid=45780]
  8. Isn't this cross one of the ( 9th bead ) crosses. There has been a lot of discussion as to wheather or not those are original crosses. To the best of my recollection that debate has not been settled. Is it me or does the oak leaves on the 1813 have the bent stem like the 1914s instead of the straight stem more commonly seen on 1813s? Just my 2 cents, Greg
  9. Kjell, Great buttonhole minis I like the detail on the 1870 piece. Like you, I also love the minis. Greg
  10. GREAT thread Stephen. I never knew there were lyrics to Taps. Back in the '70s my best friend was buried with a full military service. To this day I have a hard time hearing Taps without getting a lump in my throat.
  11. Rick, I do not know much about these awards but one thing looks odd to me. The ribbon is very sharp and the award is not. I think the picture of the award itself is a drawing or picture from a book or catalog photoshoped with a scan of a good ribbon. Also the closeup picture of the award at the bottom of the page IS NOT the same award as the one at the top. One is gold one looks to be silver but they may just be lighting. But the picture in the center is not the same different look to the rocks and forground of the ruins. Just my 2 cents worth Greg
  12. I like the looks of this one also BUT the evil twins need to weigh in on the engraving.
  13. Hi Rich, Your 1870 looks like a good original piece to me. I do not know if it is a 1870 issue or maybe a 1895 Jubilee cross but good either way
  14. All of your "guts, time and energy" have really paid off. You have an outstanding collection.
  15. I like that they have flaws and are each slightly different. To me it is one of the things that makes Imperial more interesting then the mass produced awards of the TR.
  16. Just not very long ago I drove across the Richard I. Bong memorial bridge. It goes across the Deluth harbor between Deluth MN. and Superior Wi.
  17. This might be an original, the master that all the fakes are copied from. But I would guess that this was made fairly rescently. Here is a picture of a known fake. Check out the similarities of the inner corners and the crown. [attachmentid=41845]
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