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  1. That is a great piece. All I can add to the discussion is this lowly 4th class buttonhole mini. -Brian, Those are great pictures. [attachmentid=24286]
  2. You mean like this one [attachmentid=24283]
  3. Very nice cross Tom. I really like how Meybauer put lots of silver stamps and their makers mark on all their pieces. You get the sence they were really proud of their work.
  4. Gerd is a trouble maker. he got me hooked on the minis as well. Its like an evil spell. first he shows you how pretty they are and then he offers some up for sale. I love the minis
  5. This is a closeup of the backplate. It is silver stamped 800
  6. Here is another example of a rayback or clamshell cross. This one has the heavier cast (I think) backing plate. The cross is unmarked. [attachmentid=24057]
  7. Very nice cross. I am still looking to add my first KMST to my collection. Well done. Greg
  8. 32 bids at $540 and still more time to go.
  9. I stand corrected It is unusual to see a 1914 and a 1939 in the same post with the same outer frame. COOL !
  10. I am going to go say that in my opinion this is modern reproduction. Here is a picture of a supposed "schinkelform" TR ek. To me the frame looks identical especially the outside corners of the 6 oclock arm. The rayback looks the same as does the back of the cross itself. [attachmentid=23467] I "borrowed" this photo off another forum. If anybody complains, please feel free to delete it. Greg
  11. Thanks for your help! It never occured to me it might be a TR piece. The quality is much better then I would have expected in a TR era cross. Thanks, Greg
  12. My guess is that the cross was ripped off a tunic either on purpose or more than likely it got snagged on something.
  13. Here is a picture of the scabbard of the one from the 1920s. [attachmentid=23248]
  14. Here is a picture of the Ivory handled sword. The design is faded but after 120 years it is still able to be seen. This sword has servived 2 fires. The Mason lodge it was in burned to the ground and some years later my apartment building burned down. It makes me kind of nervous keeping it in my house. [attachmentid=23246]
  15. Here is the back side. If you look at the oak leafs, The oaks on the wide frame cross have a span of 21mm. The span on the other cross is 18mm. Also in the first photo the "W" is also wider. [attachmentid=23242]
  16. Hi Guys, Here is a 1870 EK2 that I would like to post for your opinions. As you can see it looks bigger than the 1870 with oaks next to it. The over all dimensions are the same. 43mm x 43mm. However the flared outer arms are different. 26mm compared to 24mm. [attachmentid=23238]
  17. The 3 that I have are all made as lodge swords and are heavily decorated with masonic symbols. The oldest one having an ivory handle with a cross going through the center of a triangle. The 2 other swords being from the 1910s -1920s have a cross going through a crown. Of coarse all have lots of other symbols on them but the cross/triangle (masons square?) and the cross/crown seam to be the main theme.
  18. I have 3 old lodge swords. I picked the up many years ago. One I have had for for over 30 years. Last night I was doing a little research on them and discovered that one dates back to before 1882. I was surprised. I would have guessed maybe the 1930s. I know they are not valuable as you can find them on ebay for around $100 but I still find them interesting. Greg
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