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  1. My very first collector blade was a 3rd pattern FS knife. I bought it when I was 16--33 years ago. I still have it. IMO the FS knife is the most "PURE" designed fighting knife ever made. Iron cross collectors talk about the simple elegant design of the the EK as one of the reasons of it being so popular. I think the FS falls into that same catagory.
  2. Is it just me or is this the ugliest 1870 date you have ever seen. http://cgi.ebay.com/Eisernes-Kreuz-1-kl-18...1QQcmdZViewItem and speaking of fakes--how about this maidens cross? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...y0%3D%26fvi%3D1
  3. Hi Joel, I can't help with any specific exampls right now but I remember a discussion on the other forum about some manufactures using cores or frames from different makers. My memory isn't so clear but I think this came up over a "Fr" marked cross. You might consider comparing your "KO" to a "Fr".
  4. hi Joel, Welcome to the forum. That is a nice looking cross. I like the heavy patina. makes it really look like it is 90+ years old. The ED makers mark has been seen before but we still don't know the name of the manufacturer. Greg
  5. Hi Bill, That is an unusual cross. I like it. I have seen that style of pin before on a iron core cross. I looked through my files thinking I had saved a picture of it but sadly I did not.
  6. and some lodge swords just because they are fun [attachmentid=22040]
  7. Here arm my Heer and SA daggers [attachmentid=22039]
  8. This is my Kennedy Arms knife with some FS knives thrown in
  9. This is my Camilus M3 dated 1943 with its M6 scabbard. The rare scabbard makes this a great set.
  10. Dave, WOW that is a great sawtooth. Is that the original finish or has it been polished? Chris, You are right, you've gotta love Randells. There is a quality of workmanship that you just can't appreciate untill you have one in hand. Here is a closer shot of my Randell, Ek and Gerber
  11. That is quite a piece of equipment. I would get back in to modeling if someone offered kits of these kind. Greg
  12. Very nice ! I especially like the crown detail of the W-S.
  13. I have a real thing for buttonhole mins---and that is a NICE one.
  14. You wouldn't possibly have an Imperial hunting dagger or short sword to post?
  15. Dan, You have a nice group of EKs. Here is another variation. It's not very pretty but it has lots of character. [attachmentid=21236]
  16. I think you are right that the "Red 7" was destroyed in a crash. With only a handfull of warbirds left in flying condition, it amazes me that that the owners of these beauties would put them at risk buy actually taking them up.
  17. I think of any living German vets, he is the one I would have liked to talk to. RIP
  18. Hi Guys, I know that you "TR" guys are well trained to spot Floch fakes. Here is my question--- Did Flock make any Imperial EKs? Thanks, Greg
  19. Very nice cross and a great deal as well !
  20. This was my BEST acquisition of the year. HAPPY NEWYEAR everyone. [attachmentid=21077]
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