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  1. Totally agree with you. Anyone who has held some of these crosses in hand can easily see and feel the difference. But as I found, this is very subjective as some people don't have a sense of humor (or style or taste)
  2. Agreed--I got involved in that argument on that other forum.
  3. It makes me wonder why someone would go through all the trouble to do that.
  4. Once you learn to look for the oversized 9th bead and the over/under style date, these "9th bead" fakes become pretty easy to spot.
  5. Very nicely done research. I was surprised to see so many variations. Like Trevor, I am curious about the oaks with acorns but I understand your not including them if none were found on bars.
  6. Thank you Mervyn, Nick and the judges for doing the contest again this year. The contest lets me combine my two hobbies and it helps to keep me coming back to GMIC.
  7. Thanks for that !! I see that one of mine that is a winner this year was also entered last year. I won't do that again.
  8. Very nicely done photo. This was my favorite from this year's contest.
  9. I was wondering if there was a link to past years contests. Quite honestly, When I was posting my entries, I could not remember if I had used them before.
  10. Some my think these are ugly, I think they have character. ( kind of like your mother saying "you're not different, you're special")
  11. Sun rise on Lake Superior

    © gregM photo © 2008

  12. Claudio, Don't take this the wrong way --- You've got some pretty nice backsides also.
  13. WOW, I thought is thread was dead and gone. Here is a somewhat newer version with a few different variations.
  14. gregM


    One of my 1st class crosses that I super imposed over the front plate of my pickelhaube.

    © gregM photo © 2008

  15. I found this mannequin looking out of a attic window. I think this would be a perfect cover for a romance or suspenseful paper back book.

    © gregM photo © 2009

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