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  1. More of my very limited collection of Vietnam era items.

    © gregM photo © 2013

  2. While I mainly collect Imperial German, My first love was fighting knives and daggers. Coming of age in the 70s meant VietNam was a big part of daily so from time to time a pick up the random piece. Here is my attempt to combine those two things.

    © gregM photo © 2013

  3. A trunk full of old memories.

    © gregM photo © 2012

  4. gregM

    Domed Ek

    A nice little Ek2 in a hard to find original glass domed display. Along with a cased Ek1 and a postcard showing the Kaiser giving out Iron crosses.
  5. Hi Mervyn, There is nothing special here. All the daggers are very common none of them have any etchings or interesting features. The top 2 daggers are both marked /i B2. The 3rd knife is a /i England marked piece while the last one is a Indian issue piece marked /i "I" and is also marked England. The Kukri is a ww1 issued piece marked /i 1914.
  6. I was dusting off my collection today a decided to take a picture ----and not really a very good one. Just messing around.
  7. Just to add to the conversation---- I think this cross is a match. Hard to be 100% sure because of the frame wear. I have always thought it was a "Fr".
  8. Don, There is one on WAF right now marked "B".
  9. I almost bid on this one and I think you are right, It was probably attached to a book or album cover or something along those lines.
  10. So far it looks like a good AWS made cross.
  11. You guys always amaze me. Some day I hope to own something that you can help me research.
  12. Sorry to say but most believe these to be fakes. Too bad, they are very nicely done.
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