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  1. I have this tinnie. Anyone can help me in the identification and originality?
  2. I was finding and ....... here is a good picture of this two badges..... The question are..... I see this badge in phillip militaria like a armshield. Anyone have any picture of this?
  3. My god, and this was sleeping in a wooden box at home............. Thanks a lot Speedytop And what is a good price for this ?
  4. Somebody knows what are this badges? I think they must be of a shoulder boards but...... of what?.
  5. I habe a little collection of German military Schabelnnnester. I buy it in Germany many years ago. But I don´t know anything about this. Are from the DDR? Original? This is the one Two three four
  6. Thanks Dond. And the second? The place of the mark it´s strange, like the bronze colour.....
  7. During many years they was sleeping in a box, but I have a serious doubt about the originality. Anyone can Help me?. Sorry for my english. The first, It looks like a Floch? And now the second. I think it´s a copy
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