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    Does the naming and number on that certificate look as "doctored" in person as it does in the scan? Don't tell me we are now getting faked "We Won" certificates?!

    Yes, it looks to me too like the name was doctored. Why would they reissue used documents for such a Medal? Doesn?t make sense to me....

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    The certificate in itself is good, the naming looks tampered with, the serial number... it's hard to tell, the 9's and 2's seem to be in the same calligraphy as the the date numbers, and there seems to be no evidence of erasing.

    If both number and name have been faked, on a good doc, it's a poor attempt to earn 1 extra dollar, surely not more.

    The name was probably erased by the family. The seller probably added a fantasy name, and maybe the number of a loose medal he had lying around.

    This is still childsplay, things will get worse when they start applying the techniques they have to forge soviet orders, to Mongolian. We do not have the knowledge yet, to fight this the way our Soviet collecters friends have.



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