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Anniversary and Award Medals


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We have separate threads for many of Battushig's "A" items, from the Hero of Mongolia (A 1) through the Medal for Unselfishness (A 40) and the Udarnik Badge (A 61), and there is no reason to duplicate them here. Yet the "anniversary and award medals" (A 41 through A 60), while covered, have been spread throughout this forum as it has evolved and may be hard to find, especially for new collectors.

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A 41 -- Medal "We Won"

Essentially, the WWII Victory Medal.

Type 1 (thick) - Low = 111/High = 50432

Type 2 (thin) - Low = 50504/High = 54706

Type 3 (for foreigners, on pentagonal suspension) - Low = ??/High = 25767

A Type 1 and a Type 2.

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