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    OPW 2nd class Nr. 146113 researched

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    There were not too much researched pieces posted lately, so i throw this one in, even if its nothing special.

    A nice and quite early OPW 2nd class with brief research. It came with an archive reference from the russian MoD, which confirmed the delivery of this order to Comrade Soloviev. Here are some excerpts from his citation:

    "Soloviev, Iosif Egorovich, senior lieutenant, commander 82-mm mortar battery, 1st Rifle Battalion, 276th Rifle Regiment, 77th Rifle Division, born 1913, Russian, drafted by Krivulsky City Military Command, Kurskaya Province, home adress:...

    ... In the Combats against German agressors in Crimea in the region of the Height Bezymyanniai on 16.04.1944, the mortar company of senior lieutenant Soloviev destroyed: one machine gun emplacement and up to a platoon of enemy troops.

    ...Within the 17.04-09.05.1944 the company destroyed: 25 machine gun emplacements, 2 mortar batteries and up to a company of enemy troops.

    The 77th RD fought the 17th German Army on the Taman Peninsula most of 1943 and this award was earned in the liberation of the Crimea in April-May 1944 in the 4th Ukrainian Front. They were awarded the honorary title "Simferopolskikh" for the liberation of Simferopol. Their full title at the end of the war was: "77th Rifle Simferopol Order of the Red Banner, Order of Suvorov in the name of Sergei Ordzhonikidze Division"

    I hope, you enjoy.



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    here is amother map.

    The 77 RD consisted of the 105, 276, 324 Rife Regiments and the 230 Artillery Regiment

    In april 1994 the 77 RD belonged to the 51 Army. (On the map near the city Melitopol)

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    Gerd, very nice early GPW! Mortar crews did not survive for a long time in the war. Normally, mortar man died in 6th or 7th battle according to statistics. So this guy was very lucky to survive the war.

    Thanks, Andrei, very interesting :beer: I have a group to another mortar man, who was also wounded severly twice.

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