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    Hessian Krieger Ehrenzeichen in Eisen

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    From Detlev's update: Warrior honor badge in iron [5659] Sold State II

    Wreath in black iron. Pin back version . This was the highest Hessian bravery decoration for enlisted soldiers during WWI.

    That construction, especially the pin style, makes me think post-WW1, possibly 1930s.

    A far-from-exhaustive catalog of KEZ variations may be seen here: http://home.att.net/~david.danner/militaria/KEZ_in_Eisen.htm

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    • 9 years later...

    These are war decorations, private productions for people who have a bit more money as the others.

    in Silber von Meybauer

    in silver of Meybauer
    the center part is silver

    in Silber von Meybauer.jpg

    Hallo ccj

    You have a marvelous original

    Hallo CCJ

    You have a marvelous original

    14 minutes ago, ccj said:

    Hello Rudi, those are nice examples. Are these wartime or postwar types? 

    Here's one of my examples



    You have a marvelous original

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