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    Bulgarian medals and ribbon bars

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    IrishGunner, on 01 Jan 2014 - 22:37, said:


    Let's revive this thread with my Medal For Merit Boris III Bronze - no ribbon.


    Thoughts from the Bulgarian experts?


    That´s a For merit medal, It seems bronze, so 3class; There are some wit crwon and wihtout...with the head of ferdinan, as young, and elderl, and with the head of Bori III, last timr. I think the phrase is: "za zasluga" or like the thing must be write and pronounced correctly....

    They can seen with the war cross ribbon, blue with silver treads if awarded for war merit, or, in plain red ribbons, as awarded in time of pace, or not in conexion with a war

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    On ‎10‎/‎20‎/‎2005 at 10:29, Dave Danner said:

    Similarly, the rosette is the only difference between the 4th and 5th Classes of the National Order of Military Merit, but German officer's bars are often missing rosettes.

    In addition to a rosette, didn't all the 4th class awards have gold crowns and swords?  (At least mine has a gold crown and gold swords.)  On the other hand, don't the 5th class awards have silver swords and silver crowns (provided they come with a crown)? 

    I think the same thing was true about the Romanian Order of the Crown?  My Officer's Class has a Rosette on the ribbon and gold gilt on the crown and swords.  However, I believe the Knight's Class has no Rosette and their swords and crown are silver instead of gold?


    Elaborating on what Hypnos was saying, there were actually 36 possible variations of the Medal of Merit although I don't know if all 36 possible types were awarded.   Each Medal of Merit falls into 6 basic categories:  gold, silver, bronze, gold with crown, silver with crown, and bronze with crown.  For each of these 6 categories, there are 6 sub-categories based upon who or what is on the front side of the medal:   1) Knjaz (Prince) Alexander; 2) Knjaz Ferdinand; 3) Tsar Ferdinand I, 4) Tsar Boris III, 5) Tsar Boriss III (with "A" missing from Bulgaria); and 6) a regent coat of arms instead of a prince or king.  Technically speaking, there was a 37th variation which was awarded to Stefan Stambolov which was a gold medal with crown and diamonds. (If one was to count wartime awards that were awarded on the bravery ribbon, there were over 50 variations of this award.)  And I used to think that the Bavarian MVK held the record for the most variations ...


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    On ‎6‎/‎7‎/‎2005 at 20:10, Deruelle said:

    Order of Saint Alexander 4th class with X



    This is a very nice medal, Deruelle.  I've been looking for one very similar to this (Model 2 with crown and swords).  (I prefer the swords through the center of the medal as opposed to the ones with the swords between the top of the medal and the crown.) 

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