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    Bulgarian MVO ribbon match...

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    The Bulgarian MVO is not on the correct ribbon, right?...

    Had this been issued during war time it would have had the ribbon of the Military Order for Bravery which is a light blueish gray colour.

    So it's correct if it's a peace time issue, which looks likely since it doesn't have the wartime "wreath" either.

    Is this a flatback variation? or is the rear also enameled


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    Guest Rick Research

    The ribbon on the partial medal bar is indeed the correct statute ribbon for the Bulgarian military Merit Order-- yellow with black and white edge stripes.

    The lion is the correct front, while the "F" cipher is the reverse.

    Admiral Lietzmann's:


    Swords were a standard part of this Order's design and did not indicate combat-- the Bulgarian generic "war ribbon" of pale blue with a silver metallic thread stripe at each side did that. The green enamelled "war decoration" wreath seems to have been haphazardly awarded.

    Of course, German outfitters often used whatever they had as "correct" in stock-- whether that actually was, or not.

    What does the rest of the medal bar (front AND back) look like?

    NO problems with that Order as it is.

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    Anyway, both center medaillons are different....

    The center of the Bar medaille is different from the single medal-medaillon.

    Kind regards,


    The center medallions are different because one is showing the obverse and the other the reverse, as Rick notes.

    Also, when awarded on the ribbon of the Military Order "For Bravery," the enamel ring around the center medallion was white instead of green, as can be correctly seen on the second example. However, awards in German groups often don't show this, perhaps because of a lack of available medals with the correct enamel work.

    For example:

    IPB Image

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    Actually, I am wrong. Wartime awards on the ribbon of the Military Order "For Bravery" did not always have the change of the enamel ring. This was only the case when the IV and V Class were awarded with the war decoration wreath. When awarded with the war decoration, they could only be on the ribbon of the Military Order "For Bravery" and the enamel changed colors. Such an award indicated an award for combat distinction.

    As for the regular ribbon, here is an Officer's Cross on the statute ribbon:

    IPB Image

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