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    does anyone of you know, who was the commander of the prussian IR 372 in ww1, especially 1918? I've got an document of my fathers grandfather, who served in this regiment and got the iron cross, but I could not identify the signature... It would be great for my personal research to know the commandiing officer!

    Thanks for your help


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    At the start of 1918 the 372nd was in the 10.Lanwehr Division. That division was disbanded in August of that year and the effectives 372nd were transferred to the 37th Division. The commander of the 10.Landwehr Division in 1918 was Lt.-Gen. v. Stocken and the commander of the 180.Inf.Brig. was Oberst v. Lersner. The commander of the 37.Division was Maj.-Gen. Frhr.von der Goltz and the commander of the 73.Inf.Brig. was Oberst Schlemmer. The commander of the 150th Inf.Rgt., which took the drafts from the 372nd was Maj.Benkendorf. I hope this helps.


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    Hi again!

    First of all I would say "Thank you!" to both of you, because both informations are not known for me till now.

    Here you will see a picture of the signature I asked for, and NOW I think it looks like Seelbach. BEFORE the only letters I have identified were the "lba" in the center...

    Does anyone of you have some more details of him?


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    Guest Rick Research

    Paul Seelbach:

    born Frankfurt am Main 20 October 1861

    Hauptmann 28.8.94 A, commander 11./ Inf Rgt 52 1902

    Major 18.8.06 K, aggregiert Inf Rgt 164 in 1907

    Commander Landwehrbezirk Ascherlsleben before the war, first as Major zD and finally as

    charakterisiert Oberstleutnant zD 1.10.12

    final retirement rank: Oberst aD

    Before the war he held the Prussian Red Eagle Order 4th Class, Prussian Cross for XXV Years long service, 1897 Kaiser Wilhelm I Centenary Medal, and Hessian Order of Philip the Generous-Knight 2nd Class (from the period when all militrary recipients received it with Swords even in peacetime).

    Prussian Hohenzollern House Order 3X gazetted in the Milit?r Wochenblatt of 15 February 1917.

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    some more information on Herr Seelbach:

    Paul Karl August Ludwig Seelbach, born 20.10.61 in Frankfurt a.M., evang.

    Father: Adolf, Beamter on the Taunus Railway. Mother: Mathilde, n?e Herber.

    Wife: Ida, n?e Darlington.


    12.4.79: Assigned to the 2. Gro?herz. Hess. Infanterie-Regiment (Gro?herzog) Nr. 116 as a char. Port. F?hnrich from the Cadet Corps.

    11.12.80: Sekondelieutenant

    1.10.86-1.3.87: Attached to the Military Gymnastics Institution (Milit?r-Turnanstalt)

    1.10.87-1-3.88: Assistant Instructor at the Military Gymnastics Institution

    1.4.88-31.3.92: Company officer at the Unteroffizier-Schule in J?lich

    9.12.89: Premierlieutenant

    1.4.92: Transferred to 6. Brandendurg. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 52

    28.8.94: Promoted Hauptmann and appointed company commander

    18.8.06: Promoted to supernumery (?berz.) Major and transferred to 1. Lothring. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 130

    27.1.07: Transferred as a supernumery (aggregiert) Major to 4. Hann. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 164

    15.5.07: Assigned to Regimental Staff of the 4. Hann. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 164

    18.10.08 Transferred as Battalion Commander in Infanterie-Regiment Graf Tauentzien von Wittenberg (3. Brandenburg.) Nr. 20

    17.1.12: With pension placed at Disposition and assigned to Landwehr-Bezirk Aschersleben.



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    It is amazing to get all these details in a few days - especially, if you ask also in a specialist forum in germany and got NO information!

    Thanks to all for your help and the really good info about an before unknown soldier! :)


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    • 3 years later...

    It is amanzing what you find by chance

    As I was looking for the name of my medalbar another person in the Forum

    made me aware of the Medalbar from Oberstleutnant Paul Seelbach which I

    would like to introduze to you.

    Tue only thing missing are the swords on the Philipps-Orden

    (It may have been used for Weddingbands or Toothreplacment)

    Hope you like the way it looks anyway.


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    I am a little bit speechless;

    really amazing what can be found about a person and his life after such a period of time!!

    Thanks für shwing, it's great to see the bar!

    Jürgen (westfale)

    Edited by westfale
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