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    My first Syrian medals


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    Dave is, of course, right as to the sourcing for these Syrian medals. They come to market through Lebanon.

    Nice to see some attention to these awards. Arab awards are usually met -- on this forum and elsewhere -- with not much more than snarling derision.

    Thanks! :cheers:

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    Thanks Doc for the clarification!

    Ed, it's true....not many of us posting Arabic militaria, but it is rapidly becoming my main collecting interest. Really the only militaria I have been buying lately. It's just hard to find alot of info out there other then yours and others great threads here on GMIC, so thanks for that.

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    Hi Greg . . .

    Maybe, then, we should set up independent threads on each country and we can post images and information? Something better than that stupid catch-all http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=2785 thread?

    And I could start putting up better information than I have at http://faculty.winthrop.edu/haynese/medals/arab_medals.html where, after MAJOR episodes of vandalism, and theft, I have intentionally NOT been updating my information.

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    • 5 years later...

    I guess I'll bring this thread back to life if you all don't mind...it's a nice collection of Syrian medals. Is there much of a market for these Syrian medals? I picked up a few while stationed in Baghdad but now I'm thinking of adding to my Syrian collection.

    Edited by Swoop737
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